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I want to talk to other hot wifes


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I would think something was wrong if you weren't nervous. Its a very scary step to go black but it is one that you will always be glad you did. I tried to blame the fact that I had been drinking for my first experience but I finally admitted that I wanted it so bad that it had to happen. My husband had tried to get me to have sex with one of his black friends when I was 25 but I wouldn't do it because I was afraid of what it would do to our marriage. When I finally did do it I was 35 and we had been married 14 years so I was much more secure in our relationship. Believe it or not my only regret about giving myself to many, many black men is that I didn't do it when I was 25 like my husband wanted.
I would say you will have lots of different feelings. Probably you will feel like a slut, probably as much as you will love the sex and the feelings of having your pussy stretched, the orgasms but be happy and enjoy the experience.