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I story left for me in my FB inbox


Real Person
Once upon a time. There was very well behaved little red head.

She followed all the conventional rules.

And did what was expected of a lady.

She married young, stayed faithful, and did what all good housewives, and moms do.

But her white night, was just an illusion.

Sure she learned a thing or two in the sack. But there was always something missing.

Then one day she met a man.

A big very sexy black man.

Soft spoken, and strong.

She often wondered what it would be like.

To be touched by him.

To kiss his lips.

She felt so quilty, because she would get wet just thinking about it.

She longed for a man other than her husband.

Sometimes she would wear revealing tops around him. Pretending she had no idea what she was doing.

Hoping he would notice, and get aroused.

She would brush up against him 'accidently'. It was send tingles through her body.

Then she would go about her day.

Wondering if she made him hard.

She would drop subtle hints. Every now and then. He would just smile a little.

She was wild with disire, and curiosity. Would he like the same things.

Or would he be turned off.

Then one day she resided to test the waters.

She didn't wear a bra, or panties. She wore a very low cut silky blouse, and a skirt just short enough that you can only tell she have panties on, unless she bent over.

Then when nobody but him could see. She bent over to pick up the pencil she dropped. Oooopsie.

Then quick as a flash she just straight up. As if it was nothing.

Later after lunch he told her he needed to stay later that day for training.

So she called her hubby to tell him she had to stay late.

Her nipples were so hard. Waiting for the end of the day when everyone went home.

After everyone was gone, he locked all the doors.

He led her to his office.

Grabbed her in his arms and started to kiss her. She thought she could melt.

She kissed him back. Ever so gently and slowly.

Her head was swimming.

She could his cock harden, as she pressed up against him.

She slid down to her knees, and unbuttoned his pants.

Slowly pulling them down. Her eyes widened, she had never seen such a glorious cock before.

She gently held it, as she kissed it, and licked it.

Then she slowly wrapped her lips around it.

Sucking it like a lolly.

Slowly, going a little faster.

Then a little more.

Easing an inch at a time.

Relaxing her throat.

She could barely breath. It made her so hot.

Pleasuring him, gave her pleasure.

She got him so excited, he started to thrust his cock. In her throat.

He grabbed her hair, and held her tight.

She was getting dizzy, and tired, but couldn't stop.

She kept sucking, and choking.

Till she felt his wad squirt, full blast. She could feel it trickle down her throat, as she took in every last drop.

She looked at him with innocent eyes.

Wondering if he enjoyed it as much as she did.

She kissed him on the lips one more time, and told him she better get on home.

She told him she looks forward to more training, then left. Knowing he would want more.

She went to sleep that night, feeling pleased.

Wondering what the next training session would be like.


Real Person
She was awakened in the middle of the night by her husband's fingers sliding up inside her wet slit. She let out a moan, and tried to tell him she was tired. But he kept sliding his fingers in, and out slowly. It felt good. She moaned and writhed. She was still thinking of her boss, and his big black cock. It made her so much hotter and wetter. She moaned and writhed even more, as her husband slid his fingers in out harder, and faster making her breathless till she shuddered, and came. She was even hornier now. She got into the doggie position and let her husband slide his big hard member up inside. He held her hips fast, and began to pump long, hard and deep. He fucked her harder than he ever had before. Grunting and groaning like a wild beast. Making her scream in pleasure, giving waves of orgasm, then slamming into her even harder he came bursting like a fountain. They both fell back to sleep exausted. ------------------------------------------------ She woke up in the Morning hornier, and hotter than ever. Thinking of her big sexy black boss, and wanting more. She blushed at how dirty it made her feel. After showering, she put on her silky sheer bra, and panties, and slipped into a tight fitting blouse, and pencil skirt. She could barely get her work done that day, all she could think about was her after hours training. After everyone had left for the night. Her boss again locked the doors, and led her to his office. He told her she was a very bad girl, and needed to taught a lesson. He bent her over his desk, pulled her skirt up, and pulled a big paddle out of his top drawer. He smacked it across her ass. She let out a small scream. It felt so wild and hot. He smacked her ass again a little harder, it made her even wetter. He paddled her until she begged him to stop. Then he unzipped his pants and slid them off, and still having her bent over the desk, he pressed his huge black Cock against her wet prissy lips. She was a bit worried and scared, he was so much bigger than her husband. Could she take it? She was so wet, and hot. She teased his big hard cock with her pussy lips, just letting him get the tip in. Suddenly He plunged inside her, it felt like she being ripped open, but it was wonderfull. He began thrusting she screamed from the searing pain, and pleasure. She lost consciousness a couple times, and count of how many times she came. He went on, and on she kept coming, moaning, and screaming. Till she was worn out, and could take no more and begged him to stop. He went on for while more before he shot his big load deep inside her. He slid out, helped her to stand. He gave her a long slow kiss, and thanked her for blowing his mind. She just smiled up at him. She couldn't even speak, she was breathless. He helped to her car,she could barely walk, she was so sore. Still as she drove home, she was already looking forward to the next time.


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You wrighting a real hot story. While reading it i was imagine it is my wife in te story, it makes me horney has hell.
Wonder how the story contineu ?
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