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    I am looking for women or couples where the woman is interested in having some sexual fun and love to have unhibited sex. I don't want to just hop in bed with you. I would love to meet and talk over a drink or two to see if we are compatiable. Physical atraction is a big part of sex, I would also love to be mentally attracted you as well. Physical and mental attraction makes the sex better. I am not into endless emails. I am real. If you are interested drop me a line. I will send a picture and we can take it from there.

    I am a laid back kind of guy that just likes to have fun. I like to treat people right because I believe if you treat people right then all things will always workout for you. I believe in a two way streets where everyone gets satisfied.

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    That's a thick daddy dick.
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    Made just for my wife.
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    I'm sure Nancy'd be happy to give your cock a try-out, but first -- where are you? We're in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.