i am a 35yo cuck

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Just curious at what age you guys took your first white pussy?

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  1. smallerthanurthumb

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    Hello everyone I am a 35yo cuck. my wife and I live near Detroit and she is always on the prowl for a hot forceful Bull with a BBC. Her name is Traci. She is 40 years old and in great shape. she has a sexy little petite body and little titties. If I had to describe her in 2 words..."white trash" but her hot wet cunt is made for black men and is always ready to be filled. Most guys dont give a shit about me so I wont get into much about me except to say that I am her sissy husband. I have a very small dick which she loves to laugh at and make fun of.
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  3. Black Indian Bull

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    i'm a Dominant Forcefull BULL for both of you ! I like the "bounded" stuff and i'm into MASTER-SLAVE things too !