Husband of a Hotwife

Our introduction:

My wife is a hotwife who has a preference for black men--to the point that she is black exclusive except for me, and has said she has no interest in being with any white man but me. To that end she has enjoyed over a dozen different black men over the past few years, including two she elevated into the "boyfriend" status and saw numerous times.

As for me I am a voyeur and not a cuck. I enjoy enabling her enjoy other men and love watching her face and the reactions of her body as she does. I'm usually there--it is something we both enjoy so why should I be left out.

She is picky, and as we have gotten older she is much more inclined to be with men closer to our age (50's), and we are real--which means we're not likely to get a "let's fuck" message and meet someone who only posts a photo of a cock. If you are real, and do not have a problem establishing that prior to a real meeting, via phone, etc. send us a message.
Welcome -
Being in Georgia I imagine you have your pick of candidates - and should likely have no problem finding the next "boyfriend" for the wife.
Good luck - but I doubt you need much.