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Revised my profile--take a look. Mar 19, 2017

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    1. AnnWill
      Revised my profile--take a look.
    2. BigTexBlackBull
      Thanks for following
    3. AnnWill
      OK, maybe it is time to be a bit more direct in the profile. Ann enjoys black cock and ready if you are compatible.
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    4. ThkBBC4wf
      Thanks for the follow.
      Lots to share so feel free to say Hi
    5. Atlman01
      thank you for the follow.
    6. AnnWill
      Here's a tip--if you want to know more about Ann, read the profile first. Interested in communication with you if you fit!
    7. maccachew
      Welcome to b2w .. I'm sure that you will make plenty of friends here!
    8. tstud
      Experience the way to go (guys)please leave some contact information waiting to chat and arrange something!! Fair safe and secure !
    9. AnnWill
      New to here--not to the lifestyle.
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    Sexual Orientation:
    Caucasian (white)
    Body Type:
    5'6" (168cm)
    Want to meet:
    • Men
    Looking for:
    • 1-on-1 sex
    • Threesome
    I'm Will, she is Ann. We are for real and willing to meet.

    We have the perfect marriage in that she loves having sex with black men and I love watching her do it. She is enthusiastic and watching her enjoy it is a delight.

    It is something we do together, although I am very straight and not a cuck (definitely a voyeur though).

    We have been in the lifestyle for a few years, she's in her later 50's, and prefers tall professional black men over 40. Respect is important but some dom play and dirty talk is more than OK.

    Again we are real. If you are too you might be surprised as how easy we can hook up--but at the same time if you have been in the lifestyle a while you also understand how difficult that is.

    How we usually play it is:
    1. You email, have a profile so we know a little bit about you and indicate you have read our profile.
    2. I pre-screen for basics, pass those along to her, along with a g-rated photo of you, and she takes it from there.
    3. We are not into picture trading or sharing, but we do want to know you are real. We do not want to waste your time on a lot of emails or pm's. If you fit within the broad criteria outlined above we will ask for a phone number and time and she will call to see if the vibe is right.
    4. After the call we set up a meet for a face to face. If you are who you said you are and not an ogre then we will likely take it upstairs for some fun.
    She finds being online and wading trough the posers tedious, so we've found it easier if I do the pre-screening, and then leave it up to her for contact close to a real meeting. We're not looking for a lot of online back and forth, pen-pals, or picture exchanges. If you are not close enough to be considered for a face-to-face then we're probably not your best bet.

    I prefer to blend into the woodwork and not be a distraction. If you are a good fit with her I'll be your best wingman in encouraging things along. That is her picture in the avatar, and it is recent. She does like to get to know who she climbs into a bed with.

    Not looking for romance, love, or a serious relationship. Repeats with someone compatible that keeps it fun is preferred.

    Sound like fun? Contact us.