Husband from Finland

Hi all. I have been lurking in background for some time and finally decided to write a small introduction about myself. So I am the husband of a married couple. We are both about 40 years old and living in small city in northern Finland. We have been married for almost twenty years now.
I have been always very jealous about Her and got very angry if She got attention from other guys. Then I found cuckolding about five years a go. I was at first I was amazed how a married couple can do something like that. But the more I thought about it the more I came aroused and addicted to it. Of course then I found interracial cuckolding. That totally blew my mind. All I could do after that was to daydream my beautiful wife surrendering to big and powerful black men. At first it was impossible to talk about my fantasies with my wife. She has been raised very conservatively and I could not imagine telling my dirty thoughts to Her. So after a year of thinking I finally encouraged myself and opened up. She was quite understanding but She doubted immediately that if I give Her freedom to meet other guys I wanted to do the same. I don't know how I can convince Her that it is not the case.
Then something happened. Her best friend introduced Her to FemDom. She asked me if I wanted to try it and I said of course. In the following few months we tried spanking, caning, whipping, pegging, CBT, chastity belt, etc and I loved it all. Especially I loved to worship Her, Her feet, Her breasts, Her ass, Her pussy, everything. But then suddenly She lost Her interest to FemDom. It just stopped as suddenly as it started.
So here I am desperately trying to think how can I help Her to let go and go back to that sexual experimentation mood what we had for a short period of time.

Thanks for Your time
Would your wife be open minded enough to use a black realistic looking dildo? You should try getting her to use a black dildo first and then move on from there. You should show her videos of other white women having sex with black men. If she sees other white women doing it then she might change her mind.

I like it when a conservative white woman starts having sex with black men.

There are probably alot of hot white women in Finland that you would like to see get big black cock.
Yes actually we already have a black realistic dildo but She hasn't been using it too much. Also She bought a black penis extension that i have been using.
She is unfortunately not very interested in watching porn but i guess i could be more active with that.
I agree with you that there are lot of white women i would love to see getting blacked here in Finland. And fortunately you can see more and more black guys in Finland too.
If she does not want to get into cuckolding you could probably just fantasize that you are the black man. I have seen videos online in which white couples use black strap ons. The husband or boyfriend ties the black dildo around his waist and then he uses it on his wife/girlfriend.

Atleast she is using a black dildo, i have heard of white women that don't even want to use a black dildo.
Yes She doesn't seem very interested in role plays but on the other hand She enjoys very much when i use the black cock sleeve because it makes my dick a lot bigger. Oh well i guess i just have to be patient...