husband comes to his senses

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    He introduced me to BBC then got upset and left but that has all changed , he called after several months and appologised for being an ass , he had been convinced that our lifestyle could work by an associate he worked with.
    He came over and we discussed his past dilemma and wanted to try again , and it worked. we watched many porn DVDs with black men fucking white ladies and cuck movies he brought in the UK , i found it a total turn on that now enjoyed watching cucks eating there wives out and sucking cum.
    A few months later he phoned and asked if he could bring a workmate home for dinner the guy was from the UK and here for only a week.
    Steve arrived home and following behind was a vision of a black man , i found out later that it was Sam that convinced Steve to come back and enjoy the lifestyle.
    During dinner we all talked about what and how the relationship would work , i found out that Sam had introduced Steve to cuckolding in the UK with his white lady so i was to be the other woman.
    Steve set the mood and Sam smooched me , they both got naked and told me to strip for them which i did with pleasure teasing them both , watching men stroke there cocks is such a turn on for me Sam finally held his arm out and i fell into his lap , he kissed me and out tongues went wild Steve sat in the opposite chair while we sucked and kissed i must have cum several times as i was soaking.
    Sam opened my legs wide and dived in tonguing me to another orgasm then all of a sudden Sam told Steve to come put his cock in me , Steve kissed me got hold of Sams cock and fed it into me inch by inch having my husband next to me was fantastic , Sam fucked me for several seconds and pulled out and told Steve to suck his cock which he did with eager glee i was now watching my husband giving my lover a blow job Steve stopped and Sam put it back in me and went faster and faster and at the same time telling me how good Steve sucked his cock , my tits and nipples were huge and hard and i was arching my back to take as much cock as i could with that Sam told me he was about to blow and told steve to open his mouth Sam pulled out very roughly and shoved ito steves mouth and grunted and blew a huge load then told me to kiss him and take the load out of his mouth and drink it then suck Steves cock till he blows , so i had two loads to swallow
    Sam then turned me over on all fours and fucked me for ages could not believe he stayed so hard.
    This went on all night and then we did it all again later in the week but thats another story.
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    Wow - what an experience
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    nice one

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