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    This is just story I hope it get a woman hot or her sissy fagit white husband..

    Were here I said, we drove an hour an a half for this, it wasn't her first bbc, but their was somthing about this guy that was different he met us at the hotel downtown philadelphia the sheraton hotel of society hill it was a nice place beautful area lots of bars and nightclubs their he was whoa I said to myself he was 6'1 about 250lbs black not fat but heavyset by his pic I had no idea he was this big my wife was 5'6 145 dd tits and a tight ass she aged well for 44 I could see the out line of his dick from his blue nike sweatpants he was big bigger than me now my wfe had no complaints but when she saw his her face lit up, I started to feel nervous this guy was easily twice my size and he looked scary as hell maybe this wasn't a good idea before I could pussy out he smiled an saidhi kathy (my wife) she was nervous and scared he sad to her, "its ok I got u baby, I'm not scary" he moved in and gave her a hug he grabbed her ass as he did it, kathy did have a tight ass, a nice bubblebutt she looked at me out of the corner of her eye I was so shocked here we were in th middle of the lobby! He let her go and said " that's wasn't so bad was it?" She laughed staring between his legs "hey joe glad to meet u" I was only 5'7 166 soak and wet let's talk about hts gonna happen. Yea I said listen I don't know about this he cut me off and said look don't pussy out now your wife is here looking good let's do this ok I said.... rent a hotel room for me and your wife so I can fuck her you'll stay in another room, wait a minute I said I'm not leaving u alone with my wife I don't even know you, all u need to know is that I'm gonna fuck your wife all over this nice hotel were gonna go out on your dime and have fun makesure u give her enough money cause I'm not paying for shit its expensive downhere. I was surprised he was so direct my wife was gasping I could tell she was turned on I said ok but I'm not paying for 2 seperate rooms beside I wanna watch he said your wife will be with me for the weekend you will take care of our expenses and you'll get her back when I'm done with her I will send u pics of my dick down her throat and my cock spiltting her pussy find something to do for the next two days. I was shocked my wife was turning red was this guy nuts!?!? He reached over andgrabbed kathys ass and said were gonna have fun I didn't know what to do, he took her by the hand and said let's get a room as they walked to guest services at just sat there like an idiot he called me over like a baby a got up and ran over I want the luxury suite he said, that's 300 a night?!?! So? Pay for it he said I looked at my wife and reluctenly did as I was told where will I stay ? I said not my problem he replied, I'll text u whn she's sucking my dick.... and off they went I gave her my credit card they wet to five star resturants all over and she even bougt him stuff with my money!!! He would text me pictures of him just having his way with her I was so turned on I was ashamed he used my wife my money sent her back to me with a womb filled with cum
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    Hot. Love a take charge man. Please tell us more details.
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    Part 2(happens in the middle of part 1)..... I got a call at 1030pm it was him he was telling me to get dressed, I said why? He tells me he just got done fucking my wife and he didn't use a condom! I said with confidence there's no way she fucked u raw he said u can ask her yourself I said I thought you didn't wanna see me till u were done? He says I wanna show her off you should be there to see her follow us,,,, I waited outside the hotel around 1130 they came out she was wearing a simple form fitting black dress the skirt was cut thigh high and it was sleevless I don't how he got here to wear that!?!? I walked up she looked at me and turned away at that he momenthe walks up and pulls up here skirt she wasn't wearing any panties?!?! I asked her you used protection like we taked about right? Tht was one of the rules.. she just stared at me, is said kathy u used protection like we talked about right??? Again just a blank stare he chimed in I told you she... I cut him off and said excuse me my brotha I'm talking to my wife I asked HER a question kathy u used protection right!?! He turned to hr a said answer him, she just looked at me and said "I'm sorry joe" I said what do you mean?!?!? She said he didn't wanna use a condom, we did it bareback, what?!!?!!!? I said we agreed to use protection!!!!!! Did he force you?!?!? She laughed a me and said of course not! Then why!!!!!!!!!! She calmly said because I wanted to did he cum inside you I asked, she rolled her eyes "don't ask stupid questions, ofcourse he did" were going out tag along I watched her walk around like his property he enjoyed knowing she was into him. She drank so much got drunk he took her back to the suite I was paying for and said I'm gonna fuck your wife again this time I'm gonna break her with my dick
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    Is this real? Just curious. Sounds like fiction. Needs an editor but has potential.
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