Hubbies Takin' Pics

I remember when my wife took on her first and only strange cock, which just happened to be black. She was adamant that I wasn't going to take any pictures or movies of this event. We've posted a review if this on this site in the "Forum - Interracial Story Section. (Just in case you're interested in reading it!) If you do read it, your comments would be appreciated and acknowledged! My wife just loves to read what others think about her getting fucked by a black man! What an awful disappointment, if not, a wasted opportunity her experience would have had been if I hadn't been able to record it! Anyway back to the question.

Yes, I did both! Took pictures and movies! If you've read our story mentioned above, you'll know that shortly after we were back in our suite my wife excused herself and went to the bathroom to freshen and get into something more comfortable! While she was doing that I took advantage of the situation and set both the camera and camcorder in the "ready" mode! Edwin just stared at me with a look of "great expectations" on his face, said "nothing" but smiled! (I must remember to ask him what he was thinking at that time!?!?) Anyway, after my wife saw a little action, and my pic taking was in overdrive, she noticed what I was doing but said nothing! She was too horny and enjoying Edwin's attention and manhood to care at that point! To conclude this response, afterwards my wife and I agreed that these pics and movies were to be for our sole viewing only, "or they had to be destroyed"! What choice did I have! I agreed and was happy to do so! I'm still working on the next step! I'll be happy to share them when I get to where I need to be!
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How many of you white hubbies out there get a kick out of taking snapshots of your woman being fucked by her lover(s)? No matter that you're pushed aside and told to man the door till they're done. Does your woman enjoy that you set up some camera to watch later on?
I would love to have some pics when my bbc virgin wife gets fucked by her first bbc, a very special moment.
Not only did my wife allow me to watch Edwin and her (her very first black cock lover of which we wrote about and posted on this site ... in the Forum-Interracial story section) screw their brains out, after some friendly persuasion she allowed me to record the entire action. Now when we're horny, or even to relax and to have a laugh about it, we watch the movies and pictures I took. We have relived the entire event over and over many times ... much to our mutual delight! I get real excited when looking at them and she's doing a running commentary! My favorite comments of hers are: "Oh! Honey! Just watch as Edwin's "thing" touches me there for the first time! Play it back again! See the way I tried to pull away from him but he had such a tight grip on me ... gosh it felt good when he rubbed that against her for that first time! I was really scared at first ... I thought it was took big to fit and would hurt! I wanted to see it go in that first time but couldn't ... I'm real happy you got to record it! Looks nice ... doesn't it!"*

So my message, if you're to get laid, especially for the very first time, by some BBB "do" record it! Let your hubby (or someone else) take all the movies and picture they want! You'll not regret it! Just remember ... "a picture is worth a thousand words!"

* Who wouldn't want to see that sweet white pussy of my wife being pounded by Edwin!
I do ... and ... I do!
Yes! That is a real true picture of it in our posted Avatar you see here!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words ... so let me see ... 31 pictures X 1,000 = 31,000 words!
Hell! That's a lot of reading and who's got all that time to read? I don't!
So let's "see" your next story line!
Great story pc_ fun_couple!


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It's not really something I would care one way or another about doing for myself, but if my Wife and her Bull wanted me to take photos or video of them/us, I would certainly be happy to do so for them.
Oh, and I'd be as unobtrusive as possible.