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How we got started

This will just be a intro to how my wife became a hot wife, I do not think of myself as a cuck but do allow my wife the pleasure of another man ( blackmen ) at that and this is how it all started. I read all the time about these beautiful women in there 40 and 50 that still look like they are 20 and how they have the body of ladies half there age and stuff well thats not the case here. Now I love my wife but in the last 10 years she has really let herself go and it has changed our sex life for the good and the bad. about 10 years ago around 2000 or so my wife came to me wanting a boob job, now she was a nice looking woman 5"3 around 145 lbs very pretty and I would say a hard 7 if I rated her. Well I told her to get down to about 120 lbs and she could, I have never liked going to srip clubs and seeing perfect breast on women 20 to 40 lbs over weight it just looks fake ie . I told her this and she agreeded and got down to around 130 made the appointment for two weeks later and the rest was history. She got 36 cc what she claimed were the perfect size and after about 6 months they were perfect and I would give her a good 8 1/2 now over the 7 I gave her earlier but then it all went down hill. we had been together for 11 years at this time and sex was good 3 to 4 times a week with forplay and stuff it would go on for a hour if not over 2. But after about a year had past my wife started putting on weight and was back up to 150 lbs. Now I work out and Im in good shape and after another 6 months she had got up to about 165 she had said that was here weight when giving birth to both our kids and it was not good weight all around the belly which looked melted and butt. Now I love my wife but she was not turnning me on, no more sexy clothing, she never played with herself any more sex got to once every week to 10 days with lights off it just really sucked and it was all because she thought she was fat ( well she was But I did not say it ) she just didnt fill sexy. So we went through different fazes like sex in public, good for a while but faded, watching porn again sex got better but faded, even fisting which gave her huge mult orgasms faded.Then one night im watching amature int porn on the computer and she comes up behind me and watches a bit and shows me how wet she is getting and we have great sex for about 2 hours which has not happened in a while. I think nothing of it then a few days later she ask if I have any on disk to watch and she knows I do as she saw me burning them so we start watching some int amature porn and things start getting good just like the other fazes we had went through. Then one night it all changed, while we are having sex we are watching a disk on tv and I notice she is acting out whats on tv as they do it we do it for the most part, this scene has a young girl fucking two black guys so my wife pulls out a dildo that is 8 inchs and 2 inches thick (from all the fisting her pussy did get bigger and we started getting bigger dildos and toys ) she is sucking on the dildo while I do her doggy style, then just like on tv she tells me to swap cause she wants to suck on my dick while this black man splits her open with his big cock ( this did come from the movie as my wife does not use that word ) but it was hot as my 7 inch dick might have made it to eight inches with those words it was so hard LOL. My wife was sitting on this large didlo about 7 inches grinding like crazy yelling things like make that pussy yours, give me your black man seed, rip it open baby make it hurt, and for the first time in over a year I shot my load in her mouth she swollowed and kept on sucking. After about 10 min I was getting hard again and she started telling me she wanted me to put my cock in her with the big black cock still in there, so I lubed me dick up and poped it in. She came many times and it was awsome, but things changed that night for the good and bad. I will pick back up with this cause there are alot of ups and downs.