How was your Valentine's Day?


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I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day yesterday. Mine did not go exactly as I had planned. I had bought some fresh strawberries and champagne for Angie (two of her favorites) and had arranged for the kids to spend last night with my parents. I got home from work, got the kids packed for the night, set out the strawberries and champagne, and then left to take the kids to my parents house (a 45 minute drive one-way). Angie was not home from work yet and would get there while I was gone.

I had expected to find Angie wearing something seductive when I got back. Instead I found this...

A few hours later I decided to check in with Marcus. I was kind of hoping he and his friends would be done with Angie early so I could have some time with my wife on Valentine's Day. I texted Marcus and this is the conservation that followed....

Angie called me to pick her up about 1:30 am. She was exhausted. I asked if they had done all three holes at the same time (like Marcus said they were going to) and she said, yes, several times. This was Angie's fifth gangbang. She also said it was the most intense one she'd done. She is still in bed right now and I told my parents we probably wouldn't be able to get the kids until after lunch.

Angie had a great Valentine's night and truth be told, so did I (I jerked off twice after my text conservation with Marcus).

Hope everyone else had a great Valentine's Day yesterday!


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I'm sorry, but I think that her/their treatment of you pretty much sucks! I could say more but words can't express.
We understand your feelings and we're sorry if we offended you or anyone else.

In addition to my wife having sex with black men and me being cucked we are both submissive to them. It is definitely a Dom/sub lifestyle with hints of BDSM (e.g., Angie usually wears a collar and leash). Please understand that it is completely consensual. I admit this aspect of the interracial/swinger/cuckold lifestyle is not for everyone, but we enjoy it.

Truth be told, part of me was also expecting something like this to happen, just given the history of our relationship with Marcus.

In retrospect this thread probably should have been in the Extreme Interracial forum (if it is possible to move this entire thread to that forum I would ask that a Mod please do so! Thanks!).
That seems like an awesome V-day to me! Sounds like a great night for both of you. I think it's really cool of your wife to service so many bulls, most women couldn't handle that.


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Just my opinion, but it was Valentine's Day and she is your wife- she should have spent it with you. Yeah, you said in your post that you're submissive to them, but you and your wife don't owe those clowns shit- you're the one that married her, she's birthed your children, that should still count for something.