How to start

Im following this forum a couple of days and im very glad that i found it :)

im very interested in the whole interracial thing, cuckolding etc.
But its quite dificault to start it, when the wife isnt in the game...

I read some threads about the travel in the caribbean, that this was sometimes a good starter....

so what do you think...would it be worthy?

greetings from germany


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Tommy, your profile doesn't indicate that you're married, so are you married or not?

If I was trying to get my "new wife" into cuckolding (other men having sex with her), I believe I'd try to steer clear of the use of the word, cuckolding, as it projects such a confusing and disgusting ideology to inexperienced, married women. And interracial cuckolding makes it even more challenging, as you are not only crossing into infidelity, but racial as well.

So, I would be looking to develop relationships with women who enjoy things such as roll playing creative, sex games and fantasies, public nudity, and who like certain types of porn. These are the ones I think would be less against including others in your marital sex life (3-somes swapping) at some point, then nurturing it to more specific desires ... interracial and cuckolding. Relationships like these take time to develop and mature, and often don't survive the stress they create on a relationship. Even though my wife and I have done some swinging in our past, we haven't tried b2w yet. Mac