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How small is too small?


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My hubby stimulates me with his mind thru foreplay and seduction. The size of his cock is most of the time irrelevant! It's how they use it to blow your mind & pussy!
Agree with Orian Pax - let's not Cock Bash our hubby's but give them the respect they derserve & visa versa!
This forum should be used appropriately and not to disrespect anyone esp your loved ones!
My husband has given me a very nice home and a very good life. He's the one that has always belittled himself because of the size of his penis. Although I never got much enjoyment from intercourse with him, I did go down on him, that is until he no longer let me. My husband has ED, and he's tried the pills. they don't work. And he never really has had much of a libido.

I've always seen my husband's penis as kind of cute. My husband is the one that says I deserve more. And I will admit that I have come to really enjoy our neighbor's sizes. They are Kenyan, very dark skinned and very well sized. I would never bash my husband, but on the other hand I am not going to say I don't enjoy large cocks, either.

I have not measured my lovers, but I would say that I get the most sexual enjoyment from men who have over 8" and are very, very thick.