How I started to be a slutty wife

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    This is my first post, i hope u will excuse me for my listakes but English is not my first language.
    My hubby loved to watch other guys with me he wanted me very slutty and ready to have sex with anyone.
    How we arrived to this point?
    WE had several steps, at the beginning he loved me sexy dressed and men watching me, he tried many times to lift up my skirt and unbutton my shirt for showing more, i did not like that and I told him what people knowing us could think .
    He agreed to stop to do that when we were in our city but I had to be ready to do whatever he wished when far away.
    So at any time we were traveling he started to ask more and more.
    he started from not allowing me to wear panties or bra, the to wear the shortest skirt, then to let me spread my legs when he was noticing anyone trying to watch up my skirt, the he start to ask me while having sex if I should like to have other guys fucking me, I said no bur when i notice that thinking to this he had strong orgasm I started to follow him in this role play.
    One night we were fucking in a bush and he asked if I would like to be seen , I said yes and he switched on the light in the car and opened a bit the window to avoid the glasses becoming tarnished and asked me again if I would like to have more cocks. I said yes as usual and he told me to beg for some more cocks, I did.
    While I was having a strong orgasm he opened the door and >I felt
    4 hands on my body and with my surprise I loved that and i did nothing or complain. He drove my hands on on cock and I felt an other cock close to my mouth and I opened and sucked.
    Later he told me he knew that the place where we were was full of voyeur and he went there hoping that what happened was possible.
    If u like my story i will post some other slutty experiences I had.
    I like to stay in touch with other slut wives
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    Hello tinamit, you are very sexy lady. Please post more pics and stories
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    OMG babe, yes I would love to hear more. Can you email me some?? I'd love to tell you some of my fantasies if you like. My email is:

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    You are my kind of slut wife.
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    Hi Tinamitt, Your post is very sexy and I would love to hear more of your stories, please.
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    Great story! I had a similar experience. Wrote about it on my thread, "wife wants to play". Love to hear these kinds of experiences. They drive me crazy!!
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    I want more pussy story from pretty lady.