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    I am 36 and i am divorced, I have been married for 8 years, my ex hubby loved to offer me to some other stranger men and loved to watch and to be the sloppy second. He started to let me wear only mini skirt and unbuttoned shirt, the he asked me to not wear bra or panties and i did that he loved other mer watching at my upskirt or in my cleavage, he loved to spread my legs while somebody was watcching and expose my bared pussy. After that he started toask me if I would like to try a new cock as until that time i had seen only his one. He was asking that to me while we were fucking and close to cum , I was not able ta say no, but after that I said him that it was not true andi would never fuck somebody else. Once we were fucking in the car ,it was night and he switched on the inside light and then he opend the window as it was very warm in the car, when i was close to cum he asked again if iI would like sombody else to fuck me, as usual I said yes, he asked me to say that with high voice and I did then he asked me to call somebody for fucking me, I did and after few seconds i felt hands on my tits, I turned my face and i saw a stranger next to the window with his cock inside the car, hubby told me to suck it, I was soi excited that I was not able to refuse and immediately I had the strongest orgasm in my life with hubby cock in pussy and the stranger's one in my mouth, then the stranger fucked me and hubby watched. Later hubby told me he noticed the voyeur next to the car and so he lightened on and opened windows. I started to cry thinking i was a whore, hubby asked if i liked that anyway, I said yes but I did that only cos u pushed me to do. For some weeks while fucking he asked me if I loved the stranger's cock and if it was harder than his, I have to say that thinking to that i had very quick orgasm. Hubby noticed that, and he told me he would love to watch me being fucked by stranger again, I said i wont be a whore and anyone knowing that, so he proposed to that only far from our city and I agreed. So we started to go at least 1oo kmts fasr away at any week end for picking up some strangers to let them to fuck me. he loved me at bar hotel seated on high stool wearing mini and no panties, then he went close to some hotel guest and said "did u note the lady is pantyles'" and then motion me to spread my legs, Then following to talk with the guy he sai he was my hubby and loved to see him fucking me. 90% they accepted so we went in our room for sex, hubby loved to be the sloppy second and talk about the guy fucked me. Some time we went to adult theater where he lifted up my skirt exposing bared pussy and unbuttoning completely my shirt, I had to wank and suck some guys there and few times i was also fucked. After 1 year of this life I started to have orgasm only when stranger fucked me and never with hubby. He became very jealous and wonted to stop to play in this time, I agreed, but also after we sopped i was not able to cum with hubby. After 6 moths i never had orgasm Had to go out for business for 2 days, after work i changed my dress wearing mini and no panties and i went to hotel bar flashing to one guy my baredpussy, he came close to me offering a glass of wine, we finished to fuck in his room and i had 3 orgasms. So I understood that life with hubby was no-more good we had some hard discussion and the we decided to separate. I have to say that as I loved to fuck with strangers and now, at any time i am far from my city i love to flash ( not wearing bra or panties) to stranger for teasing and pick up them for some sex. . Pleas excuse me for my mistakes and bad English but this is not my first language.