How do you newbies train for BBC?

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How do you as a newbie train for BBC?

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  1. Watch Interracial porn first

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  2. Meet them first through friends (girlfriends)

  3. Meet at bars or parties

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  4. Practice on a heavy dildos first

  5. Shop for the most sexiest outfits

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  1. MackJ

    MackJ Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    The Big Black Cock is more superior and supreme than any other living cock that is out there.
    It's veiny, thick, hard, and most of all.. Can grow to the size of a 20 oz beer can. So here is a question for the curious, shy and weak minded ladies out there. How do YOU train yourself as a newbie to adhere to BBC?
    What specific steps do you take in order to make yourself submissive to your Black lover or Master?

    Where would you have to go? How far will you go to meet him? What will you have to wear? Feel free to comment and post pics if you like.