How do I tell wife I want to be cuckold

Hi I am new to this community I have been looking into cuckold videos for about 4 months now and am extremely aroused by it. I want to tell me wife about it but am worried about how she would react. How should I bring it up? I want us to to be in this lifestyle


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Raul, welcome to b2w ... hope you find what you need.
It always helps the forum members if you provide some background info on yourself, wife, and marriage. Take some time and fill in your personal info section.
Things like:
  • how long married & do you have children already
  • current state of marriage ... do the 2 of you consider yourselves "happily married"
  • experiences with involving others in your marital sex play, and her opinion of black men in general
  • what kinds of sexual activities have the 2 of you experienced (ie: toys, roll play, nasty talk, porn)
  • have you ever shared your personal sexual fantasies with each other
  • current state of your sexual activities (ie: daily-weekly, does she ever initiate sex, ability to orgasm, etc)
Since you seem to have a problem mentioning cuckolding to her, how easy is it for the 2 of you to communicate with each other about sensitive topics?
These are the types of things that you might wish to provide forum members in order to get sincere responses.
Also, you might wish to check the archives on this Question, as it has been discussed many times. You might get some ideas from those posts, but every marriage & relationship is different to some degree. The more specifics you provide to the current state of your relationship, the better your responses will be.
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He have sex about once a week, we have been married for 4 years I think we both would agree we have a happy marriage, but we don't really communicate about sensitive topics we just usually let them run there course. I feel since she is not what you would call a freak in bed (never has) she would look with disgust
I would no start with the concept of cuckolding but rather see what she thinks of being with another man. Maybe bring it up during sex, would love to lick her clit while a big cock is going in and out. See if it gets her hotter. It worked on me way back when we were dating. Keep in mind...videos, fantasies are one thing...seeing your wife in ecstasy with another man is very different, especially with you in the submissive cuckold role.
I see but after we have sex how should I bring it up again or if she is interested she would bring it up? Beth