Hotwife/Girlfriend, how did you get into this lifestyle?

This question is for wives or girlfriends, but husbands or boyfriends even a bull can answer on their behalf.

Last night, my woman, her boyfriend and I talked about how we got into the lifestyle. My woman said she was very promiscuous during her school years. She lost her V at the age of 13. She did her first threesome at 16. She also mentioned that she always dreamed to marry a Black athlete; so she dated several Black athletes back in high school and college. Since her wish to marrying a black athlete did not come to fruition, she decided to be with a white dude in a rebound relationship.

So wife/girlfriend, how did you get into this lifestyle?
Were you promiscuous when you were young?
Were you always interested in Black men, but did not have the opportunity to meet or mingle?
Is your relationship with your husband/boyfriend a rebound relationship? if not, why do you share your pussy to other man (Black)?
...and how did your husband/boyfriend react knowing that you fuck other man (Black)?
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We started at a swingers party, this BBC was all over the wife and she loved it, had a great time and watched her orgasm like crazy. After she said it was awesome and it wasn’t the first time she had black, she started in HS and through college and only stopped a few months before we meet, and we have been married for 20years LOL. Well she picked her addiction up again and I'm kewl with it