Hot Young White Guy-Need a Girl Like the Ex. (Down with BBC)

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    yea for real! Hoping this the place I can at least meet a girl or lady that's cool ,but has a thing for Black men, or BBC at least. My ex was a freak an hot as hell, she went crazy an joined some crazy cult BS kinda like those crazy fkrs in texas we remember was on the news decades ago. She was a total freak ! Miss that for real! Just cool girls to kick it with and always up for getting them to a BBC to satisfy that need! Not gay or nothin like that, just love seeing a white girl being satisfied by BBC. !
    Hard as hell in Memphis , Tennessee area to find girls thats cool with BBC.. I got no trouble with females, just can't find any around thats cool with BBC.. ! M!aybe this the place to hear from cool people.!

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    You enjoyed a lot with her
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