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hook ups or forshow.


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You know Rocko, it's like that first date. Yer know until you experience it. Some here have experienced it and have disappeared, others are still savoring for that first time to connect and meet. The rest of us are drowning with the many fakes and fuchsia who want to suck us off (and even try to connect with real women here in oeder to date us bulls and stallions so that they can suck us off or lick and suck our black "gold " from the babe's pussy). It all boils down to numbers and luck. Because the exhibitionist will show only what they want you to see. So, watch the "landmines" of husbands who claim that they want us fuck their wives and they have nothing to show for it or who will not share pics of their wives to your personal email, and who have pics of other women (likely, internet pics they've hunted and collected) just to get your attention and YOUR pics for THEIR (the cuckold's or gay man's) enjoyment!


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Like most sites, the odds of actually hooking up are poor.
Most of the people are here to fantasize, chat and read about what they wish they were doing.

Of the small percentage that are serious about finding someone to hook up with, they are so spread out geographically that finding anyone local to you is difficult. Then out of those few, finding someone that is compatible and attractive to you becomes the remaining hurdle.

So, while not impossible, it is improbable. Good luck!