Holy shit, nervous and excited

I'm a long time lurker on these threads since we have never had much to post. My wife and I are a young couple who are childhood sweethearts. She is Chinese born in US, and I am Italian from the US too.
We've never much been into the submissive male side, but my wife has always had a fantasy to be fucked like crazy by a BBC. We have made some attempts in the past for it to happen. It came very close once with a Mulatto guy of her dreams she met at a club, but it fizzled out because of his bitch-ass friend!

Anyways fast-forward to today (one year later). We live as foreign workers in Bangkok, Thailand, and it is currently the first day of Thai New-years. My wife recently made a new friend who is - how shall we say... a tad slutty. She is mid thirties and divorced with a good paying job. She tells my wife about all of the guys she hooks up with, In fact, she met my wife while my wife was trying to pick up her mulatto dream. The friend has invited her to go out clubbing tonight. After fucking and teasing all day, she has said that she thinks tonight will be the night she gets "owned by a BBC".

She has been flirting with some guy online, but he hardly falls into the Bull category. He is only 5"9, and his cock is not any bigger than mine (I'm already 9", so this isn't a size thing for her just a great fuck). In the mean time, I have contacted someone I was working to get for her before. He is looking to hook up with her. Again, not big guy but at least this guy is a bit more alpha. He seems desperate to own her and fill her with cum - and that is exactly what she fantasizes about.

I'll keep you posted on what happens as it develops. Share thoughts if you'd like.