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Hey, allow me to introduce myself

Hi guys,

I just made myself an account on this website and I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 21yo student in Nottingham, UK, desperately wanting to cuckolded. As many of you probably are aware, there's nothing much sexier than seeing your loved one getting fucked by another. So I shall spare you the gruesome details of my desires :p

My issue with exploring this area has always been the lack of confidence to suggest it to my partner. Sadly, the relationship is now over (has been for a little while too :p) and so I was wondering if anyone here has any advice, or knows of any communities I could try and get involved with that might help ease me into the lifestyle? Or someway to through me straight in the deep end... anyone reading this interested? :p I'm kidding about that last part... slightly... hey, it's worth a try, right?

So yeah, if anyone could help a fella out, that'd be much appreciated!

Thanks a bunch,