Help need advice!!

My wife is in her mid 40's, works out daily, tall thin natural blonde. SEXY as fuck!!!! Looking to find her a bull who will work with me to seduce her! Can someone experienced help me?

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talk it out with ur wife 1st.
I definitely second that!!

A healthy marriage is based on trust and honesty. If your wife allows herself to get seduced by a bull, then she will always feel the guilt of breaking your trust, unless she is told of the arrangement later. And, if she is, then she may feel that you were the one breaking her trust and being dishonest with her. Either way, it would turn into a lose-lose situation, it would seem.
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Its amazing, these days, to see the number of couples that can't seem to "TALK" about sensitive topics. The one person you should be able to discuss and share anything with is your spouse. Maybe its because they haven't committed to making each other their soul mates, or, maybe more people are entering into relationships for the wrong reasons. :oops:
The very 1st night i was with my wife after our marriage(we ddnt have sex before marriage)i was carrying no condoms so instead of fucking her i ate her pussy,our females are supposed to be very conservative and shy and virgin.but here she was all naked thrusting her dripping wet pussy to my mouth in a fucking motion,cumming one O after another.atlast i rested at her side a little breathless my mouth covered with her pussy juices.smiling she wiped them with her hands n kissed me.Then n there i knew i married a nymph.
i was still on her side caressing her hairs,making small talks,looking at her innocent eyes,when she started kissing me again and holding my face with both her hands slowly drove my face downwards,hwe neck,breasts,tummy and the pressure eased as i reached her pussy n started eating her again.after several more O she slept and me too only to be woken up at night with one more time please.
early morning i was sleeping deep whn i was woken up by small droplets of water falling on my face,i opened to see my wife,naked,standing with her legs on both side of my face,freshly showered ,water dripping from her body to her pussy n my face,sitting on my face she said - suck me again.
she was still naked as we were sipping tea at bedside when i said that she was so sexy that i dont think any one man can fulfill her desires and i wont mind if she fucks other men.(we hadnt fucked yet.)
the 1st thing i did after my breakfast was getting dressed n getting condoms and fucking her.
next 2 months i think i must have ventured about open marriage 3-4 times then one day she asked wont i mind if she fucked other men?
we had a small talk which ended in-ok so look for a nice man for me.
thats how it started and thats how it is even 20yrs after our marriage.