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Hello people

We are a married couple in Arizona.
We both are in our 50s.
We married when we were 35 and she is the love of my life!
My wife is from Ohio and I am a native to central Arizona area.
my wife dated and was engaged to an abusive boyfriend in Collage but was able to get out of that in time. after she dated a married Black guy for several years he got my wife into tantric sex. She said orgasms would last up to minutes. His wife found out and that was the end of there affair.
My wife later moved to Arizona and that's where we met. We dated for several years and then got married.
I fell sick after three years with diabetes and became an asshole from the high blood sugar. It took the Doctors just over three years to figure it out my problem. "Jeckel and Hyde"

While I was being a Butt, my wife had met a black guy that was about 30 years old and they got along as friends. Well he was a Tattoo Artist and and somewhere in the relationship he starting tattooing her. They did sleep with each other, and I think they really loved each other for what thing were at the time. Hell I was busy being a butt.
He got a job back East and had to leave.
She was a little upset about his leaving, my blood sugar was starting to be controlled.
I was so into the being an ass that my wife had been tattooed and pierced over most of her body.
"I had seen it happening but saw nothing!" he bought her jewelry and gifts that I ignored at the time. She still to this day, wears all the jewelry and rings he bought her,even a wide white gold band on each ring finger and rings on others.
Had my blood sugar under control for years, now but don't remember a lot about it.

well a few years ago she dated a black guy and several dates and came home crying, he had hit her. And she has not done any dating since then. I liked it when she was dating and tried to encourage it when I can.
Now you know about us!
I still need to think of a name for us, on this forum .