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    Hello I'm 42 yrs old from Central Florida. White and Latina women have been been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. It's nothing that needs explaining it's just always been this way. I can't say that I have a type but I'm attracted to women that know who they are and what they want, an expressive passionate woman but still reserved in a way lady like. I seek amazing 1 on1 experiences, I never got the appeal of a gangbang personally but love watching it in porn. When I am with a woman I love devoting every element of myself to pleasing her and charsing our beautiful time together.

    Thanks for reading a little about I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully share some wonderful in the flesh memories!

    Ask anything I like to share and communicate.

    Peace and love,

    I've been told that I am built for a women's pleasure! I thought that was awesome!:)
    20150615_203126~2.jpg 20150627_133653~2.jpg 20150627_170707~2.jpg 2015-06-22_06.40.02-1.jpg 2015-06-23_05.59.45-1.jpg Before & After Calvin.jpg
    Me five years ago lol I'm a bit of a gym rat these days :)
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