hello couple here like to have fun

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    hi im married to a 28 year old white female who stays very horny for bbc lust'' as for me it dont bother me it's apart of who she is and i did marry her for better or worse'' and i dont feel like her sexuality is the worse thing out their. with her past problems and racists family she did turn out ok'' i love my wife and kid's if my wife wants to suck& fuck bbc it's no big deal'' id love to watch the action of her bein a freek''she asked if id cam it & take some pic's and why not! it aint cheaten if im right their in the room as it's going down. im not gay'' im no cuck'' i just like to see my wife satisfied and bbc does it for her''is their any one else out their that feels the same way!
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    i just want t say hello to fine pussy we should become friends as well to.