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...what do you have in store for me? I have always heard really cool things about this town but I've had my doubts...I've been here for 3 weeks and I have noticed a wide array of "talent";-p any one have any suggestions?
ok, southern, here goes..OSP25 was formerly in chi-town for 25 years..great city..sorry can't help on the "community", was married with 2 kids, so was occupied..however, enjoy it, hit Michigan Ave, John Hancock tower..lot of outof town
ladies coming in to play..go to 95th floor, buy drinks..see what happens..avoid the clubs on Southside, mostly sistas who are chickenheads, feeding you bs..couple of good jazz clubs, and definitely head over to Grant Park and the Millenium, probably a concert going on ..also get ticks and go to White Sox game for real baseball. Cubs are just a tourist attraction, but a ton of white chicks will be there looking to hook up..good luck OSP25