He is back again .. YAY


t was a little after 2pm .. as planned .. that the doorbell rang. I went and answered it and was delighted to see Billy standing there with a huge smile on his face. I invited him in and the three of us sat and chatted for several minutes. As we did I could feel my body getting more and more aroused and I was finding it very hard to not go over and pull out the two cocks I knew would be pleasuring me soon.

I managed to control myself until we started to talk about sex and then I just up and announced that I really needed to be doing it rather than talking about it. Billy looked at Peter when I said that, Peter nodded back at him and then Billy came over and began to run his hands seductively over my clothed body. Well if I wasn't horny before that .. and I was .. I sure was then .. hehe.

A couple of minutes later Billy had pulled my top up over my head and undone my bra and removed it. My nipples were already erect but were soon bright red and had hardened further as he gently cupped and squeezed my breasts. If he only knew how saturated my pussy was as he did that.

Billy continued to arouse me until I couldn't take it any longer. I turned to him and smiled. I then looked down at the very noticeable bulge his cock was making in his pants. Without a word I reached down and gently stroked the bulge. Billy just sat there enjoying the attention. I then dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down. His cock sprung out proudly. I moved closer and closed my mouth over his big throbbing purple knob. It tasted good and by that stage I was about as horny as you can get .. I could clearly feel how wet my pussy was.

After a minute or so of sucking his cock I started tasting quite a lot of precum so I decided to go a bit easy .. I didn't want him shooting his load too early. As I stood up I undid my pants and pushed them to the floor. I wasn't wearing panties. In a flash, Billy's hand was between my legs and his fingers searching for my hole. I was so saturated it didn't take him long to find it and his fingers just slipped straight on in and up me.

I continued to jerk his cock as he finger fucked me and fondled my aroused breasts. I could tell he was really excited (he wasn't the only one .. hehe) so I let him make the next move. It wasn't long in coming. He pulled his fingers from me, dropped to his knees and moved his face to my flooded pussy. I have to tell you it felt soooo incredibly good the way his tongue flicked across my aching clit. Very quickly he had me moaning like a bitch in heat and not long after that I was literally riding his face as he tongue fucked me and sucked on my clit.

Soon after I came hard on his face and he loved it .. I think he was moaning almost as much as I was. He had been sitting on the floor as he ate me so I lowered myself down until I was straddling him just above his cock. I so wanted it in me and so did he. He grabbed it, positioned it at my hole and then watched as I lowered myself down onto it. I moaned loudly as it slipped into me and spread my pussy. Billy moaned as well and looked me straight in the eyes. It was so incredibly erotic :)

When I was sitting fully on his throbbing cock, I re-adjusted myself and then started to slowly fuck him. I continued to slowly ride his cock up and down for about a minute or so but I guess we were both way too aroused to take our time. Moments later we were fucking each other furiously and approaching orgasms.

Because I really wanted both guys to fuck my pussy at the same time and cum at the same time I slowed our fucking and told Billy what I wanted. He smiled up at me and said he would easily cum a second time. Hearing that was all I needed and moments later we were fucking ourselves silly once again. It was Billy who started to cum first, and as I felt his cock swell inside me and then start to shoot, my own orgasm engulfed me.

As Billy continued to push his cock up into me, it just kept on ejaculating .. I was amazed at how much he came .. and it made my orgasm so much more intense. When our orgasms finished I stayed sitting on him catching my breath. Several seconds later, Peter moved behind me and gently pushed me down onto Billy. I knew what was coming and I couldn't wait.

Although he had just shot a huge load of cum into me I don't think Billy's cock softened even a little bit. In position Peter rubbed his cockhead around behind me .. to lubricate it in Billy's cum .. and then pushed it into me. I gasped and moaned loudly as I felt both cocks inside me. Peter was rock hard and so too Billy.

After watching his wife get fucked by her young Black lover I knew Peter would be super horny and I certainly wasn't wrong. With his hands grabbing my hips, he pushed his cock hard and forcibly into me like a sex starved teenager. It felt awesome and I knew I'd be cumming again as soon as Billy was able to really fuck me too.

After enjoying the sloppy warmth and tightness of my cunt for a minute or two, Peter moved over me a little so that Billy would be able to move more. Mmmm and did that feel fantastic. Fully lubed up with cum, both guys were able to fuck me as fast and as hard as they wanted and the way I moaned and screamed as they did told them how much I appreciated it.

I came very soon after they both started to fuck me and I had several more orgasms before Peter announced he was about to unload. With a loud guttural groan seconds later I felt his cock swell and my cunt get incredibly sloppy. And as Peter was cumming Billy said he was cumming too. Hehe .. it was exactly what I wanted and of course I was orgasming along with them :)

After we'd all cum I asked the guys to leave their cocks inside me which they did. I was so satisfied and wanted to enjoy their cocks for as long as possible. When we did come apart I was amazed at how much cum was over the three of us .. well mostly over Billy .. but then it was from three large loads .. hehe.