H plead w/ BBC on behalf of W?!?


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Hubby here.
I generally stay out of the way with wife's fetish. To each their own. I do try to be friendly with her BBC bulls, but basically, it's her thing.

Current situation: I have to be gone for a month to help my aging parents. I let her BBC know I'd like him to take care of her; made same request to her former, white, lover. Good hubby, eh?

Well, white ex BF checks on her daily. But, wife only wants sex with her BBC. And, he is taking care of her, as a gentleman. As in, he comes over and does manly tasks I would do. Then, kisses her and goes away. He has several white lovers, of course.

Tonight, on the phone, wife begged me to implore him to fuck her. What is a good hubby to do?

I agreed, then messaged him on Fetlife.

So, right call? Or let her work it out on her own?