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Real Person
Any LL will do the trick. I had a nice thick women over one time and we were drinking having a good time. All of a sudden she reaches over and starts to rub on me n kiss on me n such. Then she goes if you have any Cool J I'll strip for you, of course I didn't have any at the time, but I played cool and tell her turn on the radio while I look. And sure enough as soon as I got up to look I hear it start, WHEN I'M ALONE IN MY ROOM, then as I turn around bra hits me in the face and those double d's are just looking back me with those perky nipples looking right at me. She slowly undresses and proceeds to give me a great striptease/lapdance. As my BBC starts to get harder n harder she starts rubbing her pussy getting wetter wetter talking real dirty to me,things like it fucking her til I cum then rubbing it over her. Some she goes on for like 10 minutes it was best dance I've seen. After a hot long hott night of pussy pounding and licking n sucking where laying in bed and LL Cool J comes on again to end my night with my thick chick stripper..GOOD TIMES INTERRACIAL LOVIN