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Glendale, AZ BBC here!!

Hello all.. I am Mr Steve.. new to the site and I love what I see... a beautiful mix of people doing beautiful things!
I stand 5'3, 160 pounds..Handsome.. 8 1/2 uncut.. I enjoy nites out at the bar.. meeting new people.. living life and having fun!
I really enjoy helping folks fulfill fantasies of BBC.. Let me share my first white wife experience...

I am a truck driver.. so about 2 years ago, I was on my way to Seattle from Vermont... I found myself running out of hours just outside of Sturgis, SD so I had to stop at this rinky dink truck stop near this sleazy motel.. wanting a cold beer, I found myself at the hole in the wall bar attached to the motel... There were a few bikers in the bar.. a few locals.. it was early in the week and many of the bikers had not started to come in for the rally yet.. but a few had already trickled in... feeling REALLY out of place.. I sat at the far end of the bar and ordered a Blue Moon and a shot of the 18 yo Macallan Scotch they had... A biker couple came in shortly after... older.. sophisticated but had an edge to them.. their names were Jack and Jill...lol... fearing I was going to have a racial incident.. I was not going to stay long.. but when they came in.. something told me to stay! Jill was about 50-55..5'2..5'6 in those stiletto heels she was wearing.. she might have been 100 pounds soak and wet.. with long silvery blonde hair.. she had the greenest eyes I ever seen..she also had a big set of fake tits... from the jump.. they came into the bar loud and happy go lucky... just having fun.. happy to be there.. we began conversating and doing shots and before you know it.. we were tore up.. then it happened.. Jill said something in Jack's ear and he looked at me with this look.. at Jill sashayed her lil ass out the bar making eye contact with me the entire time.. Jack leaned over to me and said go on.. follow her.. I'll settle up.. I looked at him like HUH?!.. He said go on.. So reluctantly I followed her to their room..

Jill sat in the chair by the desk.. rolled a joint and started to smoke.. Jack walked in we all talked a bit.. out the blue.. Jill said I want that black cock in my cunt.. Jack said thats what she told me in the bar.. she never had black cock before and frankly I want to see her take her first black cock.. Jill stood and began to undress.. all she had on were her fuck me stilettos.. I undressed and before I was fully on the bed Jill was sucking my dick like a mad woman.. finally.. I pulled her to the corner of the bed.. pinned her knees to her armpits and began to long, hard, deep fuck Jill as if she was the first white wife I ever fucked.. she was...lol... I remember pulling out damn near to the tip tgen ramming my dick back into her like she owed me money.. the sound of our pelvis' colliding sounded like rocky punching the meat!! I dont know why I was fucking her so hard.. but she was loving it.. and Jack was coaching me.. Jackhammer that cunt.. fuck her shit up.. black cock that cunt harder.. the fucking I was putting on Jill amazed even me.. after about 30 minutes of getting her pussy insanely fucked.. she succumbed to the pussy pounding I was giving her.. for the next 20 minutes all she could do was lay there and take the hard banging her pussy was taking..
In the final position.. I placed her again at the foot corner of the bed.. on her stomach..her legs straddling the carner of the bed.. ALL PUSSY!! I got behind her straddling her... grabbed her hair with one hand and the back of her neck with the other and commenced to finish her off... as I slammed my dick into her pussy.. pelvis crashing against her ass.. my dick stiffened and my balls tingled.. OH GOD she screamed .. fill her up Jack yealled at me.. Spunk my cunt ..please spunk my cunt.. with one foot on the floor and the other on the bed to ensure maximum penetration .. I dropped my dick deep as I could.. SPLASH SPLASH.. pulled back and dropped it in again.. SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH .. then I grinded in her pussy till every drop was out.. as my still heavy dick slid out her pussy.. big globs of my cum followed.. along w a few cum farts.. I had Jill clean my dick with her mouth and that was my first white wife!!

Hope to hear from yall soon!!

Mr Steve