Girlfriend reaches point of no return...


I went out with an ex one night and while she was at the bar, a group of black dudes basically surrounded her and were hitting on her. But it was short lived and nothing came of it.

What was wildly hot to me was while talking dirty one night, she said: "hmmm what to talk about..."
" remember the other night when I was surrounded by all those black guys? I didn't tell you but I had gotten instantly wet being in the middle of all of them. One sorta pushed up on me and I left my hand at my side to feel his bulge and it was SO THICK. I wanted them to take me into the alley and rape me while you watched."

She delved into all the details and I was loving it. That was the closest I've ever been to actually seeing her get fucked. Loved it because I knew that anytime she was in a similar situation, we would both get off to it later when she could reveal her true slutty love for black cock