Getting Started Young

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    Getting Started Young

    My sexy wife Julie and I have been together 10 years now since we first met in college. I want to tell your members about some sexual adventures that we had back when we were still newlyweds. Because of the bizarre experience we had when we first got married I am a big fan of your wife sharing stories, especially the ones involving innocent young wives being seduced by older, dominant men right in front of their husbands. And I have been sharing my sexy bride with other men since our first year of marriage.

    Julie was a freshman in college when I met her during my senior year. She was a fresh faced petite blond, 5’ 1” 100 lbs, with a perfectly shaped little body. She was a competitive ice skater until she turned 18 and has the classic skaters legs and muscular butt. Her silky blond hair fell to her waist and her firm b-cup breasts never needed a bra.

    We got married at the end of her Freshmen year and took an off campus apartment while I started work on my Masters. We each had a part time job but money was very tight and some months we had trouble making ends meet. School and work kept us pretty busy and most of our free time was spent at our modest apartment doing what most newlyweds do, having lot’s of sex.

    The one vice we had was that we both enjoyed smoking marijuana on the weekends. Smoking weed always relaxed me and got me feeling a little kinky while at the same time Julie always got very horny in a quiet, submissive way. Whenever we got high we had incredible sex and Julie was always willing to try anything I suggested.

    It was actually our love of smoking grass and our lack of cash that led directly to our first sexual adventure. We usually got our weed from one of our neighbors, Lamont, who was an older Jamaican man in his 40’s. He used to work at the college but suffered an injury to his back and was on permanent disability. Whenever we needed some I would call Lamont and he would stop by our place with a bag.

    The first time things turned sexual with him was on a hot summer night. Julie had been hanging around the apartment in just a tiny pair of thong panties and slipped on a short terry robe just before Lamont arrived. After smoking a fat joint Lamont and I sat talking about soccer while Julie sat beside me on the couch reading a magazine. I noticed that as we talked he kept his eyes on Julie the whole time and when I got up to get us some cold beer I realized why. Her short robe had ridden up her thighs and with her legs tucked under her he had a clear view of her shapely inner thighs, the bottom of her ass cheeks and a hint of her white panties.

    The look of pure lust on his dark face as he stared at my sexy blond bride bothered me a little but it also turned me on to see his reaction to her innocent little display. As I handed him his beer he smiled up at me with a wink and he seemed amused that I had caught him eyeing up my wife. He even held his finger up to his lips to tell me not to say anything about the show that Julie was putting on.

    I sat down next to her and felt and incredible an sexual rush from the thought of this older Black man lusting after my precious blond Julie. I decided that I would tell her about this after he left and fuck the shit out of her. But when I asked him for our usual $20 bag, he said that his prices had gone up and that he needed to charge us $30 for our usual sized bag.

    “Shit, we’re a little short this week man. Could you spot us the bag for $20 and I’ll pay you off next time?” I asked.

    He slowly shook his said and said “Sorry dude, if you kids don’t have the cash this month how are ya gonna get it next month? I been around here for years so I know how poor most of you students are. But maybe there’s a way…I have something you want and you have something I want.”

    In my fogged state I didn’t catch on at first “What do you mean? What do I have that you want?”

    His smile grew even wider as he looked over at Julie and said “Your lovely wife of course. I haven’t seen a beauty like her up close in years. Make her take off her robe and let me see that sweet young body and the bag’s yours for twenty.’

    “I can’t make her do that! She’s my wife, not my slave. And not for $10.”

    “She’s your woman dude. You can make her do whatever you want. Hell, I’ll make her do it if you want me to. Do you want the weed or not?”

    At that point Julie slid next to me on the couch and I felt her smooth bare thigh pressed against me as she stared down at her feet with this scared but excited look on her face. “Please honey, I really like getting high” she said softly, letting me know that she was willing to do what he wanted. But I hated the idea of forcing her to do such a thing and hesitated, hoping to find another way to keep Lamont happy.

    Lamont stood up suddenly and repeated “Do you want the weed or not dude?”

    “Yes but…” I started to answer but he cut me off and snapped at Julie.

    “OK Julie, stand up.” Julie’s pale blue eyes locked onto mine as she followed his command and stood up. “Good girl, now take off that damn robe and show ole Lamont that fine white body of yours.“

    This time she didn’t look my way but instead looked up at Lamont with that same submissive look as she undid the belt around her slender waist. Then she let the robe fall off her shoulders, revealing her firm pointy tits, flat belly and long muscular legs.

    “Damn girl, you are fine. Turn around and let me see that sweet white ass up close.” Julie did as he said and stood before be breathing heavily while Lamont inspected her sexy body from behind. She looked up at me with a look of pure submission and lust on her flushed face.

    “Very nice. I told you she would do what I wanted. Now sit down on your mans lap baby and let me enjoy the view for a bit.” Lamont said and Julie immediately turned and sat in my lap as instructed.

    Lamont started asking me about the weekend soccer games again but his eyes never left Julie who just sat there and made no effort top cover her pert pink nipples. She even sat with her legs slightlt spread giving him a clear view of her sheer white panties.

    Finally Lamont said that he had to get going and I gave him the $20 for the bag. As I walked him to the door he looked back at Julie with an evil smile and said “Lemme know the next time you need some weed man. And sweet cheeks, next time I need you to loose the panties before we cut a deal.”

    The look on her face was one of complete shock and she just turned and ran from the room giving Lamont one last view of her sexy ass cheeks. He laughed at her reaction and said “Damn, your wife’s got a fine ass! See you two in a few weeks.”

    As soon as the door shut I raced back into our bedroom and found Julie laying flat on the bed with her face buried in the pillow and her sexy ass up in the air. I sat beside her and gently stroked her back while telling her I loved her. She looked back at me with that same submissive look on her face and whispered “I can't believe what I just did!”

    “It’s OK baby, you just showed him a little T&A. No big deal.” I said softly as I ran my hand up the back of her thigh to rub her ass and then her pussy through her panties. “Holy shit! I’ve never seen you so wet down here. You really liked showing off for Lamont!”

    “Shut up and fuck me! Please, just fuck me.”

    I quickly pulled her damp panties off, knelt between her slender thighs and slid my cock into her from behind. As I started to fuck her tight pussy I whispered “You’re sure full of surprises. You liked showing that nasty Black man your body, didn’t you?”

    “The way he looked at me and spoke to me made me feel like such a slut but I could hardly think straight. When he told me to take off my robe I couldn’t help but obey.”

    “I’ve never seen you act so submissive. I think you liked taking orders from him”

    “Oh god, I did. You said something about me not being your slave. But when he started giving me orders I felt like I was his slave. And he was… my Master, or something. Oh yes, keep fucking me, just like that.”

    The thought of my wife innocent young wife submitting to an older Black stud like Lamont both repulsed and excited me but as I fucked her the excitement part easily won out. “You liked serving your Master Lamont didn’t you? You liked having him take control” I taunted her while slowly pumping my cock into her.

    “Yes, I did. He’s so big and sure of himself. It really turned me on.”

    “Go on say it, ‘Master Lamont’” I teased her.

    “Master… Lamont” she whispered and I felt her pussy clamp down even harder on my cock.

    “How may I please you Master Lamont. Say it for me.” I added.

    “No, please don’t make me.” Julie squealed out but she rocked her pussy back against me as hard as she could and her juices ran down her inner thighs.

    “Say it slave!”

    “How may I please you… Master Lamont. How may I please you Master Lamont! Oh god, fuck me, I’m cumming! Please, Master Lamont, fuck me!”

    I woke up Sunday morning to the feeling of Julie rubbing herself against my hip and before I knew it I was rolling over onto her and fucking her. No words were spoken but the strong sexual feeling from the night before still lingered. We both reached orgasm at about the same time as as I rolled off her I said “Wow! What a nice way to start the day. You still seem wound up from last night”

    “Oh my God! I can’t believe what came out of my mouth last night. And you are an evil, perverted man to make me say such things.”

    “Hey, it’s not my fault that Master Lamont found a new sex slave.”

    “Honey, promise me one thing. Don’t leave me alone with him. He scares me. And what happened last night scares me too.”

    The following week Julie wanted to smoke every night after work and then we had wild sex altough neither of us mentioned Lamont again. By Friday night the bag was almost empty and I teased Julie about having to invite Lamont over to barter again on Saturday.

    “Why not call him tonight? I’d hate to run out…”

    “You’re just dying to see your Master Lamont again.” I teased her “I’ll only call him if you say the magic words. You know the ones.”

    Julie gave me a long hard look before submissively looking down and saying “How may I please you Master Lamont.“

    Then she burst out laughing and disappeared into the bathroom while I went to call Lamont. He chuckled when he heard my voice and said that he thought he’d be hearing from me sometime soon. I asked if he could maybe stop by tonight ‘for a cold one’, our usual code word for his visits, and he laughed again and said “Sure, I’ll stop by for a cold one. And tell your sexy wife I’ll be expecting something hot too. I’ll be there around 7:00”

    When Julie finally came out of the bathroom about 20 minutes later she looked incredibly hot. Her long blond hair fell across her shoulders and down her back like a wave of golden silk. And instead of her old terry robe she was wearing a light blue kimona that fell just below her crotch and barely covered her bubble butt. It looked to be a size too small and hugged her body like a second skin.

    “What do you think?” she asked after I had gawked at her for a moment.

    “You look stunning. But where did you get it? You know how broke we are.”

    “I found it on the discount rack at TJMax and took a twenty from the cookie jar.”

    “But that’s our weed money…You hussy you. How are we gonna pay Master Lamont now?” I asked as I pictured the look on Lamont’s dark face when he saw Julie in her new robe, knowing that she likely had nothing on underneath.

    “I don’t know” she said while playfully twirling her hair around her finger like a spoiled little girl, “Maybe just seeing me in my new robe will satisfy him.”

    “You know that’s not true. He already told you to lose your panties for his next visit. What happens when your Master Lamont wants more than just seeing you naked? What will you say then?”

    Julie placed her hands together in front of her in the classic geisha girl pose and said softly “How may I please you Master Lamont?”

    At that moment the door bell sounded and I went to answer the door while Julie

    headed to the living room. I let Lamont in and he immediately told me to get him a beer while heading directly for our living room. When I got there with 3 cold ones I found him sitting opposite Julie who was sitting on the chair opposite the couch. She had one leg crossed over the other and her skimpy robe had ridden up to expose her thigh nearly to her hip. The under side her thigh was completely in view and it was only her crossed legs that hid her pussy from Lamont’s lecherous gaze.. Lamont stared intently at her while showering my wife with compliments and telling her how sexy she looked. Julie soaked up his compliments as she sat there with her golden pussy barely hidden from his prying eyes.

    I wasn’t too surprised when he boldly asked her “So baby, did you obey me? Did you leave off your panties for me?”

    Julie blushed and nervously took a swig of beer before saying “Yes”

    “C’mon girl, show some respect. When you talk to me I want you to speak up and call me Mister Lamont. Answer my question again!”

    Julie’s eyes opened wide at his comment and she looked desperately over at me as she said “Yes Mister Lamont. I did what you told me. I’m not wearing any panties.’ His insisting that she call him Mister Lamont was oddly close to our ‘Master Lamont’ joke and I could see the sexual tension growing on her face.

    “Good girl, now dude. How much weed do you want this week? A $30 or a $50 bag? And do you have enough to cover it or are we gonna barter again?’

    “Well, I was hoping for a $50 bag this week but we’re flat broke so I guess we’ll have to settle for a small one. Julie used the last of our weed money to buy that new robe.” I said and instantly regretted telling him. Now he new that Julie had intentionally blown our weed money on her skimpy outfit and had worn it for his visit him hoping to barter again for a bag.

    “Look man, if you want my weed then I get to deal directly with your wife. OK?”

    “Ugh, sure, I guess” I stammered back as I glanced over at Julie.

    “C’mon dude, you need to show some respect too and address me properly. Are you down with me dealing directly with you wife on this one?”

    “Yes Mister Lamont, you can work this out with Julie”

    “OK baby, how you gonna pay for this weed? What you got to offer me?” Lamont said while confidently sitting back on the couch. Julie slowly stood up and gave me a nervous smile before saying “ Would you like me to take off my robe Mister Lamont?”

    “hell yeah, but that’s just a start. You gonna have to do more than that to earn your shit today. Come to think of it, I got a better idea. Dude, I want you to take off your wifes robe for me. That way I know your cool with what she’s doing. OK?”

    I stepped up behind Julie and looked over her shoulder at Lamont as I haltingly said “ Yes Mister Lamont”
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    Thanks for the comments but that is one of my incomplete stories. Although I'm flattered by the interest.