FYI. For those who have forgotten their manners

Yes this is going to be a rant, not the same ole same ole rant and for those who have issues with it, i dont care.

1. One i am not ruled by dick, i have a life and a job, and a personal things going on, meaning i am not going to drop every thing just because you have a pussy and what it fucked. Things have to be worked out and planned.

2. I dont want DICK, i have one and i dont care if you give head better than Debbie Does Dallas or Deep Throat, to me having my dick sucked is the opening act. The movie or play involved me my dick deep in some tight pink pussy. I dont care if your ass is so tight that you can squeeze a quarter into 25 pennies, i need pussy.

3. And this is a big one, i am single male, yes i can take care of myself, but if you are a couple and want to meet, we need to speak on the phone everyone involved mainly the wife. Or better yet, if you really want to meet, you need to be prepared to come to my city, i will pay for the room. Its a safety thing, i keep having this vision of Pulp Fiction running through my head. You know the one where Bruce Willis and Vaughn Raines are hand cuffed in the basement and the gimp is tearing their ass up, yeah that one. My ass is virgin no go zone, so if you cant understand this, i am sorry for ya. Just because i may get to fuck your wife or GF, still does not negate my safety. Again i am not ruled by my dick, and i can get pussy, just like you can find dick anywhere and have less headaches then some of you married men have caused me in the last week.You are not doing me a favor by letting me fuck your wife so please act like it, treat me with respect and i will do the same with you.

Rant over.