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For Bulls: Do you enjoy watching Cucks clean up you cum?


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I know she enjoys it so I don't mind. Kinda hard to keep a straight face thinking about it and find it as appealing as watching a man suck snot out of another man's nose...

I'm not really into eating pussy unless I actually love the woman anyway so I just leave the cleanup to the crew with the desire to get the job done.

I also do not enjoy red Twizzlers or honeydew. But a lot of people can't can't understand my fondness for black licorice and Jamaican ginger ale that has a bite as you drink it either so aint mad that someone is willing to put in work ingesting my Superior highly evolved DNA out of her pussy and letting her experience something that I am not willing to do for her.

If someone wants to eat her ass and gets off while doing it then more power to him it's a win-win situation.


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I can't speak for others but I enjoy curling a woman's toes. While I don't object to the presence of her husband or boyfriend, it adds nothing to the experience for me. I don't get off on belittling my partners husband. None of the women in the group actively involve their husbands. If he cleans her up afterwards I don't know and I really don't care


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Do you get aroused watching a cuck eat your cream pie?
My wife loves it. She squirts heavily and screams a lot.

It's also a great way of bonding after my wife has had sex with another way. By eating my wife out I show her that I accept and encourage her extramarital sex.

She caresses my head while she tells me how much she loves me. How grateful she is that I let her get sexual satisfaction tumblr_nusyhyVhm21rwotxno1_1280.jpg by her black boyfriend.