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First time in club prive'

So......the first time for my wife and me was in a prive' in Germany.
Nice place...nice people....
We start to drink somethings, and in the beginning was little bit strange.
The lady owner, was very gentle, and also the bar women were more than nice.
We found this place in Internet. Was winter , 3 years ago.
We were at the bar and we talked with a lots of persons.
After a drink, we been around, to visit a club.
A dark room, others rooms, place for smokers, restaurant...nice place. And cinema, but was closed at that time.
We decided to stay in one room, to start to have something dirty. After a lot of men around us.
My wife was in black stocking and boots, and a man asked me if he can partecipate.
We say ...of course and Susanna start to stroke his cock. Then I said ...take the hard cock in ur mouth.
She did....mmmmm....very exciting. I was stroking my cock while she maked a blow job....
,,,,,and then a fews men arond her, they start to touch her and lick the pussy....another fuck her....
....were 5 men around her.....NICE!
Than, we been in a room to smoke a cigarette....am smoker. And a lot of people were there.
.............and after a fews minuts, we were back downstairs in the club again.
We saw a girls in DP.... fucking in front us .......so.....we want to repeat this experience.....
....also with a black men.
Am sorry for my English. I hope u understand.
Kisses to all of u. Have a great day.
Peace and happiness.
Susanna and Antonio