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    I hesitantly agreed to meet him. What could I be thinking, he is a young 27 yo BBC and I am a married 40 yo white woman. I know what I was thinking, how much I wanted that BBC. We had been talking online for weeks. First just getting to know each other and then he started talking dirty with me. Teasing me on how he wanted to grab my big booty and how he wanted to fill me up with his thick dark cock. Every time I talked to him my pussy would get wet. So when he kept asking me to meet him for a drink in a public place, I thought what could be the harm.
    He did have one request though, that I wore a skirt without panties. That is something that I would never do, but he had me so hot, I figured it would be fun just to tease him a bit knowing I was sitting there pantyless. I was so nervous as I was walking into the bar. He said he would meet me in the back where the tables were a little bit isolated from the main bar. I got there before him and found a table in the back. I kept thinking, why would this young hot stud be interested in a 40 yo like me. I ordered a glass of wine to try to relax a bit and when I looked up, he was standing there looking down at me. As soon as I looked into his eyes, he smiled and sat down. He ordered a drink and we sat there talking and getting comfortable with each other. Before I knew it, he got up and had sat himself right next to me. I could feel his body pressing into mine. He reached down and started feeling my thigh and leaned in whispering into my ear if I had been a good girl and didn't have panties on. As I nodded yes to him, I could feel a surge of excitement run through me and I knew he was already making me wet. He kept his hand their on my thigh, squeezing it gently as we talked,
    He then said how he would love to just lift up my skirt and fuck me. I laughed thinking he was joking and said, sure like we could just fuck here. He looked at me with such a devilish grin and said yes we can. He then explained to me that downstairs, they have a standard bathroom with a shower, sink etc. He told me to go slip down there and he would come down in 5 minutes. I was so nervous, but damn I knew I wanted this young hot studs big black cock deep inside me. I was sitting there dripping wet with no panties on and I soon heard myself saying OK and got up and went downstairs. I quickly went into the bathroom and couldn't believe I was going to let this hot black stud take me right here in the bathroom. There was a light knock on the door and I heard him say hi. I opened the door and pulled him in quickly. It didn't take long before he had his hands all over me. As he squeezed my ass, he kept saying how much he loved a nice big ass and then slapped it. I couldn't wait any longer and I started undoing his pants and OMG, the most beautiful long thick dark cock popped out of his pants.
    I wrapped my hand around his monster and started stroking him. He pushed my head down and said, "Come on and be a good white girl and suck my cock". I went down and wrapped my lips around his head. He was so big, I could only take a little over half of his cock. He grabbed onto my hair and pushed my head up and down in rhythm to his cock. He pulled me up by my hair and turned me around. White bitch, I'm going to fuck you so good, you are going to beg me to keep fucking you. He grabbed his huge black monster and pushed it into my shaven wet pussy and forcefully started fucking me as he grabbed my hair to pull my head up to look in the mirror. "Watch me fuck you white slut. Tell me how much you love black cock" I shook my head yes and he started fucking me harder. I didn't even care if anyone heard us anymore because he felt so damn good filling me up. I was moaning with each stroke and I could tell he was getting close when he grabbed my hair again and pulled me back into him as he started shooting his hot thick load deep into my pussy. As I cleaned myself up and was leaving, all I could think of was when would I have this young hot BBC again.
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    lovely story
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    Thats hot! Kind of the way it happened to my slut wife the first time, in the ladies room at work......
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    lovely story yes
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    Beautiful story, I am new here, but this has inspired me to write about my own first time experience, thank you for sharing
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