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Finaly got what i deserve

I'm so happy, been on this site reading all the lovely stories and wanting real bbc so bad and hubby so wimpish about it, and my pussy mouth and arse aching for a real man to use for his pleasure then on friday going about my bussiness in the kitchen fixing supper hubby nervously sitting at the table drinking large amounts of scotch and saying that i had a sexy arse and that my mouth was built to suck cock and i thought oh shit i'm going to have to endure three minutes of fucking from him and his tiny dick when there was a knock at the front door which is situated behind me , hubby got up to answer it and my thoughts went elsewhere, then nothing? which is what made me turn round to be faced by this huge black man, kind of good looking but in a rugged kind of way, so i looked at hubby for an explanation but was met by a shrug of the shoulders and to make matters worse this man was starring at me had released this monster of a black cock from his jeans and it was sticking out like a battering ram.
I nearly faint as a flush of blood raced through my head and coursed through my entire body and in mindless panic i turned away from him and carried on doing the supper, i felt him move closer and felt my ponytail being held tight as he turned my face to meet his and he grabbed my hand and put it on his erection then he licked my lips and said that i should "put that fucking mouth to good use and suck me", down on my knees i went, partly because of him pulling me down and partly because my knees were giving way to the incredible events that were taking place.
Holding on to my hair and using his other hand to grip his enormous tool he pushed it past my lips and into my mouth,omg i have never felt a cock that hard, that big, and that hot in every sense of the word, slowly but perposfully he fucked my mouth for what seemed an eternity and from the corner of my eye i could see that wimp of a hubby wanking his cock like he only had seconds to live.
Finally he pulled me to my feet and faced me away from himself pushed me over slightly and parted my legs by kicking my feet apart, i was powerless and my pussy was almost to the point of orgasm when i felt him tear away my panties and felt his hot engorged cock trying to enter my pussy, he was pushing really hard to penetrate me and heard him say to" relax your getting this fucking one way or the other" i felt him pushing deeper and deeper and my tiny white pussy stretching ever wider to accomodate his cock, i dont know how many times i orgasmed but i could feel him fucking me harder and harder making me scream in pain and exstacy then he pulled himself out and between my breathless gasps heard him say to get upstairs so he can take his time on me and that i should make myself ready for a hard arse fucking and that hubby said thats what i was built for" to please black cocks" and that i should" never refuse one when offered".
So it was him that organised the whole thing through a dating site.
Well i was taken upstairs and was given a hard fucking that lasted well into the morning with me sucking on his huge cock willingly to recieve huge loads of cock cum over and over which i had to thank him for.
The next day as he was leaving he pushed me up against the wall and shouted at hubby to take his black cock out and help it in his bitches pussy and gave me the quickest fastest fucking ever then wiped himself clean and left. I fucking love black cock and the men that fuck me with them.xxxxxxx