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Finally happen

Found a BBC on AFF and we went to get a room at a local motel.. We talked about how this was going to happen before he arrived. She was nervous as hell but as I played with her pussy, she got real wet. I got her to cum a couple times before he arrived.
HE showed up and walked into the room.. he was almost 6 foot tall and very fit.. miscles and tight stomach. He got undressed and took down his boxers to show a 9 inch thick cock. She couldnt stop looking at it and began to stroke it for him.
She took him in her mouth and in no time he was hard as a rock. He said I want that white pussy bad. He put on the 1st of 4 condoms he brought and stuck it in slowly.. She was very tight and he loved it.
For the next 2 hours, i watched as he fucked her till she was dry. It was great. Hope to do it again soon