Ex GF started my interracial obsession

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    We all started somewhere. I remember seeing interracial porn in high school, and thinking how extreme it seemed, and how beautiful they looked together. I wanted to see more.

    After that, my smoking hot blonde gf and I stopped dating and she was hot and heavy with this black football player. I remember thinking how hot they must fuck together.

    Later in life, I have a very sexy latin gf. She has black bfs before, and would always subtly smile and flirt with hot black guys when we were out. When we were out of town one, we talked about her flirting, in a good way. We met a very cool, hot black guy at this hotel bar. Super cool, we all talked and drank and hit it off. Last call came, and we were still wide awake. I knew they hit it off and was excited if we could do something more. I invited him back to our motel, saying that we had some drinks and could all hang out more. We all agreed.

    At our room, I put some sexy musuc on, pouted some drinks and after a bit, we bothtook turns dancing with her. Some touching, groping, more drinks, we all knew what was going to happen.

    Things moved quick then, and very natural. We undressed her. She undressed him. Some groping of her between us. We ended up taking turns fucking the shit out of her, both took different ends, and I let them go at it by themselves. I loved watching them fuck. He was tall, quite dark and muscular. Lot of nice cologne on. She was very petite, like 5-1 and about 95 lbs, but great tight body built for speed. I can still remember how beautiful they fucked, fistfull of her pretty hair held roughly, her head yanked way back, her eyes closed, face of pain and pleasure, both grunting like animals, bodies slapping loudly as he rammed her from behind, her crying and whimpering. It was the hottest fucking thing I could ever imagine in my life. He fucked her for a good hour straight. Him very aggressive, her very submissive, almost like his prey.

    They passed out in bed. I crashed there too, she sleeping between us and laying with her leg over his, her head on his chest, and her little hand on his big cock. They looked perfect together, the way things should be.

    I was waken up twice during the night from the bed moving and their sounds where he'd wake up and just start fucking her. She just let him, and whimper and cry very sexy as he fucked her hard. During the night 2x, and the next morning before he left, he fucked her like he hated her, like he had something to prove, or was trying his best to knock her up. The way his large hands wrapped around her tiny torso when he bounced her on his cock, both sweaty, her long black hair stuck on her sweaty face and shoulders, so hot.

    After that, she curled up in the blankets and slept all day. My little princess was turned into his whore. As I watched my pretty little girl sleep, remembering how she was fucked, I had never loved her more or saw her more beautiful than right then. I remeber her smelling like his cologne the next day. I remember feeling odd that I was ok with my baby being his whore, and wanted to encourage that more. I wanted this to happen more, much more. I wanted this regularly. So much.

    We never got his number, and even we had an amazing sex life with each other after that, we never did that again.

    I can still cum in under a minute just thinking about that night. Fuck that was hot. With my wife now, I would fucking love to do that with her. She knows it, has intense orgasms talking and thinking about it, and said she would sometime. So, I'm helping set that up. She's a gorgeous woman, and lots of super hot guys would love to fuck her, so she has top picks for who she wants. Now it's just finding the right guy to fuck, the right time, and the right set up.

    In any case, those events created my lust of having a hotwife.
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    Same here , I loved watching interracial porn trying to introduce it to my wife was an issue ,until I found a black man she related too , and watching him devour her was such a turn on.
    She became a total slut whenever he came around , the best was when he had her on all fours grabbing her hair and riding her like a horse with his horse cock , what a sight , loved it so did she.
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    Such a beautiful thing, isn't it? :)
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    My gf asked if I wanted some photos of us together and that her ex could take them. I agreed. She organised it and he came round for drinks. I was surprised that he was black, she hadn't mentioned that. Anyway we started kissing and he started taking pictures. Soon we were naked and he was down to underwear. I was so aroused that I came as soon as I slid into her. I remember falling back and her just lying there, legs open. She smiled at him and he just took my place. I watched them, helpless, as they fucked. We repeated this a few times before she left me and went back to him. I wonder if I was set up. Anyway, it had a huge effect on me and I became obsessed with IR and cucks etc etc.