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Wives - are you tired of your husband's small cock?

  • Yes

    Votes: 60 71.4%
  • No, I'm lucky

    Votes: 24 28.6%

  • Total voters


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It has more to do than just a little white dick, mine is 8.5" long and thick, wife says there's a difference though when a black guys is fucking her that I can't give her, the contrast of skin for one thing but she says they also fuck totally different than white guys........

cuckolded wimp

Gold Member
Im small and i believe most white bois are too (compared with the superior cocked black man). It is the main reason why white women go with blackmen, and why whitemen accept their role as cuckolds and sissys.


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My wife Susana had ever liked brunette guys. She had been having a sexual relationship with a crossbreed guy called Dennis for two years. Later she met Axel her black boyfriend, whose parents were from Cape Verde. They had a relationship for more than three years before me. I'm her only blonde caucasian man in all her life.
When Susie and me began to go out, she ever talked about Axel, because she had finished her relationship recently.
I felt curiosity about their sexual life so I began to ask her some questions. She told me a lot of experiences with him, but I wished luxury of details, so I asked her more and more. Through Susie's tales I could understand Axel was a very good lover, with an amazing virility and potential (qualities that I admire in a man).
Some time later I found dozen upon dozen of pictures from Susie and Axel during their holidays. In some of them they were semi naked.
I ever said Susie that I would have liked watch her with Axel fucking. I animated her to call Axel during more than 10 years!