Emasculated Weak Whiteboy

Hello to all you Cuckoldresses/Hotwives, Big Black Bulls, White Cuck Weaklings, and Cuck Wannabes! My name is Alan and like all of you I have an intense interest in interracial cuckoldry; that is big black bulls with beautiful white women. I'm straight and have absolutely no interest in sexual contact with other men. My interracial cuckold interests are: Big Black Bull take over through bullying and intimidation to sex white women. Small penis humiliation from both women and bulls is another aspect of interracial cuckoldry I fantasize about.
The road to accepting the superiority of the black man was a long and painful one. Throughout my K-12 years the black boys always ran roughshod over us whities and when physical confrontations did occur; we whiteboys were always beaten and defeated. It was so humiliating because the white girls saw us getting beat. Over the years I have struggled to accept that black men are generally bigger, stronger, have much larger cocks, and greater sexual prowess. it is evidenced by the fact that more and more white women prefer sex with black men. So, as a beaten and defeated whiteboy, being a cuckold is my place.


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So, as a beaten and defeated whiteboy, being a cuckold is my place.
Look at it this way, Witecuck ... the mortality tables suggest you'll live approximately 14 years longer than your black, male counterparts. There's a price to be paid for all that testosterone in the world they live. You can afford to just "wait 'em out!"
Well, I'm OK with it. My penis will never get any bigger and I'll certainly never get any stronger. There will be more big black men to follow them. I've accepted my inferiority. It's very exhilarating: humiliated, emasculated, beaten and defeated all rolled into one.