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Does anyone know of a water based lube that realistically feels and looks like cum and is edible?
That's a good question, actually, and I can't recall any marketed lubes that meet all of your requested standards ... a lube, looks like cum and edible ... hummm, but there is a natural lube.
I think the porn industry use to use egg whites (not the yellow, just the whites) to simulate cum, and it is edible, and it does act as a lube.
What is your purpose ... to make porn or what?
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ps ... and if you fuck her hard and long enough, using egg whites, you might even can bake a cake ... gif_yellowball-Cooking.gif
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The Bad Dragon Cum Lube is quite nice for a lube, but i wouldn't recommend eating it (yes, i took a lil taste)
Though i would advise ordering direct from BD themselves than getting it from Amazon. I've always gotten good service from BD.