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Ebony Hand of Power


Real Person
  1. Some white women just need to be done dirty in order to enjoy there sexual play, you see that is your plight as my assistant. You crave to be done in the nastiest of ways and today i will make that happen.
    I'm Savieon, your boss but your ebony fwb as well, tomorrow we have a meeting in Philadelphia so we will be flying out this afternoon. Now your my assistant but you love me too much to say no to anything I say, we arrivein Philly around four o'clock in the afternoon and head straight over to our hotel. We check in and grab our room keys then go up to them, I'm room 905 and you are in room 906 right across the hall. I've had time to shower, as I pass the mirror I look over my stocky ebony muscular frame and decide on just putting on the robe. It's almost time for dinner so I call your room and tell you to come over so we can get the numbers right for our meeting tomorrow, when you make your way over I see you stare me up and down over my ensemble.
    We order our dinner and get to work, with our work almost done I come behind you and begin rubbing your shoulders,"Savieon that's very nice but this seems very inappropriate". I then say," It would be a shame for me to transfer you to our Wisconsin office and be demoted but hey I understand", and walk away from you. You turn then grab my arm and says," Well Savieon a shoulder rub never hurt and led me back to the table, I stopped midway and said," No, if you wanna keep your job your going to have to be my slave", you gasp in shock. As you stand there I yell and say STRIP, you nervously oblige my commands but slowly. I'm agitated so I begin pulling and tugging at your clothes ripping off the blouse and skirt, you yell out," Savieon", but I grab you by your face tightly and spit in it then begin to kiss you deeply. You try to pull away with saliva running down your face but I'm to strong and hold you close as you squirm in my arms, you find away to get an arm free and smack me which startles me. You get free but I grab you by your face again and pull you close," This will go easier if you relax", as I smile and sit you on the bed.
    Next I turn and head to the closet extending my arm, as I open up the closet you see your James the Exec. from accounting step out naked with his black cock standing at attention. We walk back over to you, I tell him to lay in the middle of the bed as I stare at you. " Get up and ride your James reverse cowgirl so you can suck my cock at the same time", slowly you start to move but I smack you on your ass to make you move faster. As you climb up to your Jame's cock you look at me then impale yourself on his cock, not trying to let me know you enjoy this you keep a straight but sad face and reach out for my cock. You grab my cock and put it in your mouth to get it all nice and wet,with your other hand you start stroking it as your powerful suction grips the head of my cock.
    Underneath you your being fucked senseless, ramming his cock up in you but your taking it like a champ as you suck on daddy's cock. Light moans escape your mouth, I then rip my cock out your mouth and smack you with it as your spit and my pre-cum leave trails across your reddening face. I then grab your face with both hands and ram my cock down your throat, you gag a little but adjust for my size and the force in which I'm fucking your face with. Tears begin to fall from your eyes, I push my cock in deeper wanting you to have it all. The sensation of fucking your mouth as forcefully as I am is too much so I pull my cock out, with my body shaking glob after glob of my hot semen is shot onto your extremely large breast.
    I take a moment to compose myself and me and James switch positions, except I am behind you as your put in the doggy style position. Now James jams his cock in your savage mouth as you suck on him hard as you stroke his balls, I bend down and part your asscheeks then jam my tongue deep in you licking deep inside your ass. I pull my tongue out and spit on your asshole, next I take my nine inch cock and ram your asshole. You stop sucking his cock and scream out, loving every painful moment as it has built up and this is your breaking point and you yell out," Yes fuck me, fuck my ass", I oblige and go balls deep over and over again.
    Pounding your tight asshole like you've never been pounded, just then James pulls his cock out of your mouth and shoots his load onto your left tit as he wipes it clean with the right one. Leaving cum dripping down your big ass tits , that sends me into overdrive as I start long stroking you over and over. Your ass muscles are contracting and releasing continuously, I'm smacking your ass cheeks like your a damn horse. Riding your ass for all it's worth, then I pull my cock out your ass as I stand over you stroking my cock. Reaching out and grabbing your hair I yank it towards me raising your head, my body beginstospasm as I spew out streams of my cum all over your breast as you rub it in.
    After were done I say," Grab your things and go, oh yeah don't forget we have a meeting tomorrow ", you turn and stare at me with an exhausted look anda evilgrin then got dressed and left......