Do white ladies belong on a chain or leash ?


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As I said before (in another post) I like chains but only to break them!
I've tryed to do something with chains and bonds. I've had a tickle session twice where my boy tied me to bed with two saten ties (one around my hands and the other around my feet). When he started to tickle me with a feather right on my bare soles, I shaked my body with strength laughing and I brook my feet's tie in half. The second time he tied me in the same way and added a chin like in the post around my neck. When I began to laugh wild, I brook the feet's tie again and I made fly off the links from my neck's chain (it was a little weak for me).
My fantasy is being caged in a jail, could bend the iron bars with my hands, but of course it is so hard for me. I only could pull up a thin grid from a wooden door one time but not more than that.


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It's kinda foolish to put whitechics in chains for bbc. For her to resond to the bbc fucking her she has to be able to use her entire body with freedom to hold on to her black stud and milking his cock to his complete satisfaction. Besides that,. once a whitegirls gets her first look at a big powerful black cock she's completely captured under his spell and even if they're miles apart she'll be his slave and be looking forward for his big black cock