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do u think the past has an influence???

all what do u reckon, do u think that the usa past terrible events between whites and blacks now makes it even hotter to score yourselves meat across colour? only a few years ago things were still bad... taboo i suppose. What do ya'll reckon??
i would sure hell say some of the past events in the US and overall taboo culture has made it even "hotter" to score especially if its between white women and black male,just the sheer overall experience is quite phenominal and some of us black males are lucky to every time meet and have fun to a lovely white lady who looks beyond color but the character of us.Since your in Aus am in Melb hope to chat with you often.
i tell u now if i was born 100 years ago i still would have somehow fucked the black men!!!! are u black american? if so, i tell u now u are not going to be short on white meat here we love black american men go charm our pants off brother!!!
Am sure too any black man back then would fuck the shit out of you,yeah i am my folks moved here from the states when i was young am 21 now and i do get heaps of white meat pretty much anywhere beach,clubs,market,cbd you name it i have gotten a number and fun of any white lady that i can chat and charm.one thing every white lady young or old says about us black men is that we are confidence we see what we want and we get it no pussying(is that a word) around.