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Do my duty I have given all my women to BBC!!!!

I am a true servant to the SUPERIOR BLACK MAN.
In my young teen years my 1st encounter with porn that I was able to get my hands on was interracial ....Black Men having sex with white women ....their large SUPERIOR muscular bodies with cocks so big I felt like a lil boi and still do...the white women servicing REAL MEN in ways I have never seen. I was addicted then and there ....all my porn since has been true Men BLACK MEN using white women and the white women loving it. I knew it was how it should be ...I then discovered the meaning of cuckold ....this is my place in life. My high school GF was a cute brunette 5'4" 105lbs ..17 yo we lost our virginity together and as the years went by I introduced her to IR porn movies...then I would talk to her about her taking a Black Man whenever we would have sex....little by little I would ply her with the idea ...she eventually would get into it as we would watch IR and we would drink wine together...she would fuck me like crazy as our heads swirled with wine and the movie playing in the background....but she was too shy...we got married and our sex would continue in the same way.
One day I surprised her with a large realistic Black dildo ...as she was making the bed I pulled it out of the bag and told her to lie on the bed naked...she did as she was told and I was surprised at how wet she got immediately as I worked the massive cock into her young tight pussy...her nipples hard pointing at the ceiling her chest heaving she came within 5 thrusts as my lil white 4 inch cock exploded watching her cum....she had only cum by oral previous to this...I then found that if I wore a tight pair of spandex underwear I cut a hole and placed the huge BBC thru the hole with the massive balls on the inside I could fuck her like it was really a BBC fucking her....OMG we had fun she would pretend to resist doing it this way but always gave in as she would cum multiple times and I would stroke the shit out of her ...my lil cock would cum in my underwear within 4-5mins. This was the way would have sex every time after that 1st try....rarely would she allow me inside her or very rarely give me head.....eventually as often happens with young couples we matured and grew apart and divorced when I was about 40....she never did go for the real MAN as she was very shy although I once got her to talk to a Black Man in a bar once and dance with him...she was so wet when we had sex in the parking lot talking about him.

I then met a blonde 20 yrs younger than me....very hot and beautiful...we got married and before the 1st yr was up she confessed she had had sex with BBC in the past....we would talk about it often and we would watch Interracial porn...she would tell me the details and we would have intense sex talking dirty about BBC..I would tell her I wanted her to fuck BBC and she would agree during sex....I got her talking about being impregnated by a Black Man ...at 1st she wouldn't respond but eventually talked dirty about it while fucking me ...I told her I want her to take BBC bareback and she eventually agreed. I went looking on craigslist ect. |Soon we found a 35 yo BBC...she was 21.... we were both nervous as we got ready to to meet at the hotel....she wore no panties or bra ..a very short skirt almost see thru blouse and high heels....we met in the lounge then decided to all go get a bottle of wine and go to a room....I drove as they sat close and touched each other...we got in the room and everyone was nervous him and I sat in chairs as my wife sat on the bed. It wasn't long till he joined her and she dropped to her knees pulling out his huge cock and showing all her deep throat skills ..I was amazed she turned into a instant BBC whore..WOW my hot young blonde wife pulling this muscular BBC between her thighs as they got on the bed. 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He pulled out and his massive cock was shiny and wet... he looked at me and said I am going to breed your wife and you little bitch are going to just watch you hear me....and I did ...we both did as he said he used her and belittled me I was told to sit naked and not touch myself....I came anyway just watching it was such a turn on....I came twice this way...as he fucked her hard and deep for an hour...he eventually ordered her onto her side on the edge of the bed....he told me to come put my lil cock in her ass and fuck it making it ready for him....my cock was so soft from coming I couldn't get it in her...they both laughed as I sat back down....he fucked her pussy for another 45 mins then he took her to the shower and fucked her some more standing up as all I could do was listen....when we got home her short skirt was soaked from his loads.....she didn't get preggo.....the next time I met a BBC and sent her to her work to pick her up and fuck her at our house while I was working...she thought I knew nothing but called me as hse was shaving her pussy and told me of her plans... he fucked her all day in my bed.....soon after she was done with me as a whimpy hubby and we went our seperate ways...
I now am married to another younger brunette who has told me she also has fucked BBC....we are newly married so we will see where this goes....I will always direct white women to the SUPERIOR BLACK MALE
I am so happy to be on this site and am here to do my duty....your lil white boi