Dickless Husband

Although my husband "can be" amazing in bed, and he is, he still likes to think that because he has a small penis that he is useless.
_004d (1).JPG

And that really pisses me off!

My husband may only be 4.5" long when he is erect, but he is pretty thick.

My husband may not be as thick as my toys are,
__________ 100_9373.JPG
But he isn't pencil thin either.

I will admit that when I saw my husband's penis the first time I wondered if he could ever please me. And when I haven't had another man, he feels incredible. He is even better once I have been with other men. I just really like how he feels in me.

Our live-in is huge compared to my husband,
and our live-in has no problem getting an erection. Our live-in is hard more often than not, whereas my husband has to really work at getting hard. My husband has to masturbate to get hard, and it takes sometimes several minutes for him to get erect.
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My husband recently convinced me to order him a cock cage like the one pictured below . . .
!!!!!_____$_57.JPG !!!!!_____$_572.JPG

At first I really didn't want to buy it for him, but now I am glad I did.

Last night we went to the adult theater we always go to on our Friday night date nights. Although it was raining cats and dogs, the theater was packed with men. I was impressed at how many men had come out in the rain and excited that I was going to have sex with every one of them.

Of course all of the men had larger cocks than my husband's, and the age variety was good, too. I like going to the adult theater because the men there are aggressive. They make things happen. That is something my husband really doesn't do.

Last night we got to the theater around 9:30PM and we stayed until close to 3:AM. Usually my husband is by my side either holding my hand or my legs open. Last night my husband spent most of the evening sucking this one guy. Ocassionally I would glance over at my husband and he seemed very intent on spending the entire evening with this man's cock in his mouth. For a time I lost track of what was going on because I had men in my pussy, ass and mouth at the same time.

When I had the chance to look over again at my husband he was riding the other man's cock, sitting facing away from him. My husband's penis was soft and almost invisible because it was all shrivelled up. My husband doesn't get hard when he is getting fucked or riding another man. So, I understood that, but I saw hm differently last night. I pretty much saw my husband as dickless.

My husband has never, and never will say no to me. And sometimes I wish that he would. And last night I saw that he won't say no to anyone else, either.

I have met and spoken with women who have had sex with my husband. He lived with one girl years ago. My husband was 35 and the girl was 21. She said he was the best lover she had ever had. And this was just a couple of years ago that I spoke with her. She said that my husband is the best she has ever had, and since they broke up she has been with more men than she can count.

My husband's ex-wife has told me countless times that although she and my husband rarely had sex, he was the best she'd had. What she hated most was that he always apologized for his performance, that she said was more than what she needed. My husband's ex-wife is a lot like me in the fact that, in her marriage to my husband, she had sex with other men on a daily basis, often times with several men. And in the end, her favorite sex was the sex she had with my husband, when they did have sex.

My husband's ex-wife says that when they have sex, now, that it reminds her of the good times they had together. My husband's ex says that she enjoyed, and still enjoys, sex with other men, but the sex she wanted was sex with my husband, who at the time was her husband.

I also met the woman my husband was going to marry before he met his ex. She is a gorgeous woman. She said that she had sex with other men, often, when she and my husband dated, yet the sex she wanted and enjoyed most was with my husband. She, too, admitted that all of the other men had bigger cocks than my husband has, but she liked how he felt and how he moved his hips and how passionate he was. Sadly, I have not experienced that same passion from/with him.

A few years back I got to meet another woman who had been in-love with my husband, and still is. She and my husband had sex only once, after her mother passed. And to this day she recounts how amazing a lover my husband was. This woman agreed that even when they had sex, just out of high school, that my husband wanted to watch her have sex with other men, and she let him.

A friend of mine, who I had known for almost twenty years at the time, had sex with my husband a few years back, and to this day she talks about how amazing he was, and how he made her feel like no other man has. She still envies me because my husband has the ability to, when he really wants to, stay hard for very long lengths of time, and can even stay hard after he cums. Sadly, I have never experienced that, with my husband, either.

My mother-in-law told me a long time ago that she encouraged my husband's best friend, when they were growing up, to have sex with the girls my husband dated, and he fucked every one of them. My mother -in-law told me that she felt sorry for the girls that my husband dated, because my husband has always had a very small penis.

My mother-in-law has told me time and again that I am very lucky to have had men live with us, like our current live-in. She says that my husband may be a good man, but sex should be reserved for men who are better equipped for sex. My mother-in-law says that she raised my husband to respect women and to see them as flowers, petite, fragile and in need of care. My mother-in-law says that she rasied my husband to be a gentleman, not a sex fiend.

My mother-in-law also told me that when my husband dated other boys, when he was in junior high and early in high school, that she felt my husband was happiest, yet she also encouraged my husband to date girls, so that his best friend could get sex, too.

My mother-in-law told me that my husband's best friend was overweight and had trouble dating, although he was very well hung, and by my husband dating girls it made it easier for my husband's friend to get laid. She added that the fact that my husband,even at that age, liked to watch helped.

I feel it is my mother-in-law's fault that my husband is the way that he is today, dickless. And my husband is proud that he is small, which I still have trouble understanding. My husband likes it when I tell others that he is small, and cums quickly, which really isn't true. My husband does have stamina, sometimes too much stamina. And I really like his dick size.

I think what upsets me the most is that my husband never asks me for sex, but he is always more than happy to ask other men to fuck me, or ask me to fuck other men. There are times when I would like to have just me and my husband time, when I am not fucking other men. I know Friday nights and Sunday mornings are reserved for gang bangs, and at night, when I go to bed, it is me and our live-in's time, but there are other times when me and my husband could have sex. The problem is that our live-in has so many friends and family members, and they have friends and family members, and I also have other lovers I see pretty regularly, that I really don't have the time that I would like to spend with my husband, alone.

If my husband would ask me for sex, or time alone, not with him watching me fuck someone else, I would make time for him and I to have sex, but that never happens. Usually when I want sex with my husband I end up fucking someone else, even when just me and my husband go out, alone, together. The last few times we had date nights, just me and my husband, I ended up fucking someone else. I'm not saying that the sex I had with other men was not good, but I wanted sex with my husband and it didn't happen, like usual.

When we go out, me and my husband, and I state to him that I find another man attractive, he, more often than not, makes it happen. He gets me laid by another man. I'm not saying that I don't love the sex I have with other men, but when I have sex with other men, and what I wanted was sex with my husband, it's not the same as it could be.

When we go out my husband has me wear one of his tank tops as a dress, and nothing under it. I admit it makes me feel sexy, and it gets me laid a lot, but I often wish that me dressing that way turned my husband on, not that it turned him on because me dressing that was was going to get me laid by someone else.

It's sad that last night, while numerous men took turns with me, all I could think about was how much I hated my husband for sucking and fucking this other guy. Yes. I loved the sex I got last night with all of the men at the theater, but I would have been just as happy to have sex with my husband before me and our live-in made love before falling asleep together.

I also wish that my husband would go down on me as often as he goes down on our live-in. Our live-in gets more sex from my husband than I do. I, too often, wish that my husband would go down on me in the shower like his does with our live-in.

My husband does anything I tell him to do, but not often what I really want him to do. Yes, last night I was angry because my husband was doing what he wanted to do, when I would have preferred him by my side holding my hand or holding my legs apart. I don't think I would have been as angry had my husband been more attentive to me last night.

My husband doesn't tell me how good I feel when we fuck, but when we got home last night, after me and our live-in made love, he told our live-in how much he loved his cock and how much it fills me.

When I asked my husband, a long time ago, what he thought of while he masturbated, when trying to get hard for me, he showed me the pictures below . . .
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love.jpg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeeeeeees!.jpg 2292897-incredible-picture-with-a-beautiful-shemale-teen.jpg

When I asked him what he'd prefer, he told me the last picture. When I asked him why, he said, "Because she has it all, beautiful eyes, nice tits, an amazing body and a gorgeous cock." He has never asked how that made me feel. And that hurts. I can never be what my husband wants and needs, like the picture above. And that hurts, too. If I could grow a cock like the one above, and look as good as she does, I would. Maybe my husband would want me more often, or at least some, more than he does now.

My husband is dickless! And when we get the cock cage we ordered, I will put it in him and never take it off. I fuck a lot of guys, mostly because I know it pleases my husband. Well, now it is all about me!


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Well, you might not be able to grow a dick, but you can always photoshop one onto a picture of yourself like in the last picture.

I don't know you and your husband, but it seems like he is a lot more interested in sex with men than he is in with sex with you, that and the fact that your needs and wants and his seem to be diametrically opposed.
I love my husband and I love sex. I love sex with my husband, but I also love sex with other men. I love my husband for who he is, despite of who he is, if that makes any sense. I would love for him to be more like other men, and be more into me, but I also know that may never happen.

This morning, during "church," I had sex with four men I have never seen before this morning. They wanted to be with me and I loved it. These men were hard before they got their pants off, and that made me feel attractive. This morning I was offering my body to these other men while my husband was offering them coffee and juice.

The other six men I had sex with this morning were men who have always found me attractive enough to want me. And that means a lot to me. To me, when a man wants to have sex with me, it means that I am somebody. I am attractive and desirable. It means that I have purpose. I don't get that feeling with my husband, and I wish that I did.

My husband kisses me, not with tongue, but he does kiss me. And my husband does support me, financially, mentally, etc. I just don't think that he truly understands the depth of the emotions that I feel when I have sex with other men.

I enjoy looking at men, but when I am offered their cock, I feel wanted and appreciated. I feel needed.

When other men moan and tell me how good my mouth feels on and around their cock, it makes me want to do more for them. It makes me want to give myself to them completely. When a man pulls my head to him while I am sucking him, it tells me that he wants to give all of himself to me. And that means a lot to me.

When a man is vocal and says things like, "Oh God, baby! Suck it! Take it, baby!," that makes me feel all warm inside from head to toe. When a man tells me, "Take my big cock!," it makes me want it more. When a man loses himself in lust and fucks my face like it belongs to him, it makes me feel like a woman. And I need to feel that.

I need a man to be dominant with me, sexually, and take me as his own, even for a short time. I need him to talk dirty to me. I want my clothes ripped off. I want to be thrown against the wall and taken like he can't go on without having his cock in me.

I met a man the other day that walked right up to me, told me he saw that I was married, but said that he could do for me what I needed, that my husband probably wasn't willing to or couldn't do for me. I had never met him before that moment, but I knew that he made me wet and I wanted him.

This man wasn't incredibly handsome, but he was forward and confident. That attracted me to him. I asked him what he could do for me that my husband couldn't. He told me that he could make me feel like a woman. When I asked him how he could do that, he said that he would do to me what he wanted and that I would beg for more. And at that moment I felt that he probably was right.

I agreed to go to a motel with this man, and as soon as we were in the room he told me to undress. As I did, he pushed me onto the bed, straddled my face and put his cock in my mouth. His cock was thick and hard. And he took control. This man's legs held my arms so that I couldn't move them, and he held my head firmly to him as he fucked my face. I was a bit scared, but I was also very excited. What this man did was something I have always wished that my husband would do with me.

The entire time this man fucked my face he had eye contact with me. I need that. It told me that he was into me, that he wanted to connect with me more than just sexually. When this man pulled out of my mouth and positioned himself between my legs, he pushed my legs up as far as he could and just shoved his cock into me. He knew I was wet, and that I needed him. I couldn't have stopped him if I wanted to. And I didn't want to.

This man who was pounding his cock into me, deeply, told me that what he was doing was what I needed. And he was right. He told me that I needed my pussy pounded and fucked deeply. Again he was right. When this man leaned down and tongue kissed me, he knew I needed that, too. When this man pulled his cock out of my pussy and slid his cock deeply into my ass, he knew that he could, and that there was nothing I could do to stop him, even if I wanted to. I loved that feeling of complete submission to a man who truly wanted me.

When I have sex with a man, I want him to be a MAN! I want a man to take what he knows is his, rightfully. I want a man to know that I have a pussy and that he has a responsibility to fuck me silly. I don't want a man to be caustious with me. I want him to take me. I want him to own me. I want to be pinned down and taken, used. When I have sex with a man, I have expectations. Those expectations include him being a real man and treating me like the whore that I am for him.

I like to cum as much as men do. And this man I was with the other day, after he had been on top of me, fucking me like an animal, told me, "Get on your knees, bitch!" And that was all it took. I came instantly. Once on my knees this man shoved his cock deeply into my pussy and held my hips tightly. He rammed his cock in me roughly and told me how good my pussy felt. He told me that my pussy was his and that I knew I needed his cock in me. And he was right.

Eventually this man's cock was in my ass again, as roughly as it was in my pussy. He slapped my ass and pulled my hair. And that turned me on even more. Hr told me to tell him that I wanted him, that I wanted him to fuck me harder, deeper. And I did as he told me to. He knew how to excite me and turn me on and make me want him. And that's what I believe all women want from a man during sex.

This man I went to the motel with had me in every position imaginable. And he took control the entire time. I need that. He went from fucking my ass to fucking my face to fucking my pussy, without missing a beat. I loved it and felt appreciated and loved, attractive and wanted. I needed to feel that. I loved it when he called me a fucking whore!

When I told a friend about this experience she told me that I had been raped. And in response I told her that was what I needed. I told her that I came strongly and actually squirted with this man, twice. What this man in the motel did was make me feel wanted. He made me feel like a woman. He was a man doing what I expect men to do. And that is something that my husband has never done.

Sex with my husband is gentle and boring. He never says a word, even when I go down on him. He's afraid to orgasm. My husband is afraid of hurting me, even when I need him to. I prefer men who are intent on filling my pussy or my ass or my mouth with their cum. I need a man to MAKE ME HIS!

The problem is that my husband wants a man to do the same thing to him.

This morning I had ten men fuck me like I was some street slut. I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's day present.


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Well, you might not be able to grow a dick, but you can always photoshop one onto a picture of yourself like in the last picture.

I don't know you and your husband, but it seems like he is a lot more interested in sex with men than he is in with sex with you, that and the fact that your needs and wants and his seem to be diametrically opposed.
I think the guy is searching he wants a little bit of everything he knows he can't satisfy you and you are beyond what he can have so chooses others