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Dancing with Mugsy

My best friend Rosie and me decided to hit a couple of bars in National City. For those of you who aren't familiar with San Diego, Natioanl City, known to the Navy guys as Nasty City is a seedy little incorporated town just outside the gates of the Naval Station, known best for bars, gangs, pawn shops, and streetwalkers. Rosey had gotten the word there was going to be a big ships party at the South China Seas club, and we figured to go over there and do some "scouting." We had split from our pimps and had some cards of our own made up. We figured check out the scene, mingle and pass out cards and maybe hook up for the evening.

It was a fun scene. The DJ was good, and everything for Me and my friend was free as we had gotten okayed for the ships open bar. I was into drinking Midori sours back then, and was not good at holding my liquor. Rosie, on the other hand, had a hollow leg. I had to sit down for a while and found a place at a booth I thought might have been unoccupied, but it wasn't. Three guys who had been out on the floor dancing with the girls returned to their table, and when I apologized and stood to leave, they invited me to stay. Rosie joined us and we were having a good time with the guys. We made it plain to them what we were all about, but they politely declined because of a lack of funds. They were young guys, not long out of boot camp and were at the bottom of the pay scale. At the time we were charging $200 for an hour or whatever, and these guys didn't have that between them. Since no one else was offering to take us on for that, we remained at their table, enjoying their company...and continued drinking.

I was seated between a tall thin black guy, who seems a little older and the more senior of the three, and a short but powerfully built black guy who the others kept calling Mugsy. I asked him what that was all about, and he said Mugsy was a professional basket ball player who was only about 5'3," and know for his quickness and ball handling. He said the guys on the ship gave him that nick name because he was good at basketball and added that he was 5'4." That was too funny, and he got his pals laughing about that. They were saying that he and I would make a good couple because we were both small, with me being 4'11." So when the DJ put on a slow song, Unchained Melody, they pushed the two of us onto the dance floor.

By this time I was really drunk, drunk, and when Mugsy took me in his arms I put my arms around his neck and said,"you need to really hold onto me. I can hardly stand up." Without saying anything, Mugsy put his hands firmly around my waist and slightly lifted me, taking me just about off my feet. I relaxed and moved with him as best I could. He had muscular arms and shoulders, and as the music played, I could feel his penis becoming erect. I held him closer and made a couple of short pelvic thrusts into his loins to let him know it was okay. We danced to another song, and then returned to the table.

I was wearing a short tweed mini-skirt, and the tall dude sitting next to me put his hand on my inner thigh and started working his way up. He nodded to Mugsy who started doing the same thing on my other leg. I was still pretty intoxicated and lost all inhibition. I opened my legs wide and let them play with me, unaware that I was being watched by one of the bartenders. The tall guy had gotten into my panties and was trying to find his way to my clit when a bouncer approached the table and told us to leave.

We were escorted to the door, told off by the haughty female manager, and warned not to come back. I pulled Rosie aside and asked her if she wanted to take these guys to one of the many motels that lined the streets. She had been pretty hot and heavy with the guy she had been sitting next to, and since we were both pretty turned on, she agreed.

We asked them if they had enough money for a hotel room, and after pooling their dollars, they found they did have enough to check in to a Motel 6 that was across the street. The guys got the room, and Rosie and I snuck in behind them after they checked in. Rosie and her guy wasted no time getting naked and were doing some heavy fucking within minutes. I expected to be shared by Mugsy and the other guy, and it seemed to be going that way as they both undressed me. The tall dude was holding me and kissing me while Mugsy, from behind, unzipped my dress and removed it. The then unhooked my bra and slid my panties down my thighs. He was on his knees, kissing my ass when his partner pushed him away and said, "you have to wait your turn Cherry Boy, watch how it's done.

I could see Mugsy standing there with a stunned expression as the other guy opened my legs and began giving me head. He knew how to use his tongue and it wasn't long before he had me twisting and moaning as I pulled his head into my wet, thrusting cunt. I was on the verge of orgasm when he backed off and grasped me behind my knees, spreading me open. He had a big cock, at least 10 inches of black, throbbing snake, and he entered me slowly, working that BBC deep into my tight pussy. I watched as the cock entered me, wondering if I would be able to take it all. Finally he was fully inside, and began to fuck me. Slowly at first, with long smooth strokes. As my vagina became wetter and stretched, he picked up his pace. He was pounding me hard and fast when the waves of my first orgasm enveloped me in a spastic climax. In response, he ejaculated inside of me, and the sensation of his hot sperm sent me into another orgasm.

I lay there panting, not bothering to close my legs, and watched as Mugsy stripped and prepared to strap me on. He was moving between my legs when his partner said, "okay Mugsy...see what you can do with my 'sloppy seconds.'"

That really pissed me off. I'm no one's sloppy seconds. I might be a hooker, but I'm good, and with a body like mine, men had better respect me. I decided there would be no sloppy seconds for my friend Mugsy.
I spun around him, getting off my back, and pushed him back onto the bed. Time to teach these guys a lesson.

He had a nice cock, not as big as his mouthy friend, but enough to give me what I needed. He was at least 8 inches, uncut, and leaking pre-cum as I pulled back his foreskin and began to lick the underside of his cock from tip to balls. After sucking his cock for a minute or so, I began my specialty...rubbing and dragging my B-cup tits and nipples over his thighs, genitals and belly. As I did, I talked to him, "Do you like that? Can you feel my hard nipples painting your cock? I want you to cum in my mouth...gag me with your seeds."

Mugsy was hard to control now. His hips were thrusting hard, and I had a difficult time getting him back in my mouth. Once his cock was back in place, I found his male g- spot and worked my tongue all over it as squeezed his nutsack. Suddenly a small amount of seemen oozed from his dick, and I thought, "Is this it?" Then I felt a strong, throbbing contraction of the muscles controlling his ejaculation. I choked as my mouth was filled with a thick load of sperm. I swallowed as best I could, and then he erupted in a second ejaculation, more powerful than the first. I sucked up most of it, and licked what I missed from his shaft and scrotum. I spent a minute or so sucking him dry and cleaning him before I let him go.

Mugsy just lay there as his friends, who had been watching us intently, cheered him and "high fived" each other. "Way to go Cherry Boy, that's a blow job you won't forget." Mugsy got dressed, and as he and his friends prepared to leave, he gave me a nice kiss, yes, it was on the lips. I whispered, "Was that your first time with a girl?" He told me it was, and I replied, "keep my card, and call me. I'll fuck you anytime and anywhere. I want to be your first fuck too."

I never saw Mugsy again after that, and I never forgot that blowjob, or that load of sperm he pumped into me. Often wonder about him, and if he can still deliver like that.
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